Christmas has been nice this year with my wonderful Master.  He has taken a few pictures of me which are posted on my tumblr site.  He says he will take more soon.  I am self conscious of my body because I am slightly overweight, but he still finds me sexy, so I guess that is all that matters as I work on that issue.  (And women, don’t most of us have that issue?).  On Christmas Eve, we spent the evening with his family and we had dinner and opened presents.  Very nice.  Then, Christmas day we slept a lot and then wrapped a lot and then we went to friends and family for dinner and to open more presents.  For the first time I had a “shake shot” – delicious….mmmmm!!!!  We got some ale as a present and I can’t wait to try it as I never have before.  Maybe tonight or maybe tomorrow since I am drinking eggnog right now!!! LOL  Then we met up with some of Master’s friends at a bar and stayed at the bar until it closed!  I only had 1 glass of beer, but according to my Master we had either 9 or 10 pitchers at our table.  It was really hard to be the designated driver as I am not usually the one.  Usually my Master is the designated driver as he cannot stand to not drive, but I wanted him to really relax and have fun.  Three of his guy friends and one them brought his girlfriend and then me and Master.  I became really jealous of the girlfriend after a few hours of drinking as I could see that they had connected intellectually.  They both were into politics, and knew the same music and movies.  They were both quite animated and I became more jealous as time went on.  hmmmm…  It snowed here, which was unusual and finally at 2:45am I was trying to drive us home.  We finally made it home and my Master was quite talkative, though drunk.  I told him that I was jealous and of course he reassured me and then wanted to fuck me because my jealousy turns him on immensely.  Then he told me that he thought she actually was attracted to me.  😉  okay…i feel better now.  heehee

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