Serving Master through others.

We started to swing this past summer with some other couples and this has been a very, very new experience for me.  I didn’t think that I could handle my Master being with others nor that I would enjoy any aspect of it.

The first experience was with a couple who also had never been with another couple before.  They were much younger than us.  the girl was bicurious as I , though I had never been with another woman before.  We met at a hotel room.  They were already there.  As my Master knocked on the door of the hotel room, I thought I would actually die.  I couldn’t believe that I was doing this!!!  The door was answered and we walked in.  My Master is always so confident and never feels nervous or embarrassed.  It was clear that the other couple was quite nervous.  The male of the other couple was young and good looking and quite fit.  The female was short, cute and had quite a bit bigger boobs than I.  I had had a beer, I think, so I was a little bit chill, but really didn’t feel that I could even speak.  I just smiled.  My Master soon thought it was time to get busy and he started to undress me.  I complied willingly.  The night progressed with much sucking and fucking and us girls played a bit with each other’s boobs which was the first time that I had ever touched another’s boobs.  I was quite excited!!!!  The night ended with all of us feeling that we had found some wonderful “fuck friends”!!!

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