Last night I finally got to join the chat for submissives on It is supposed to be for only submissives, but the hosts gladly accepted the conversation of three Doms who’s submissives were in the chat.  I was so glad to finally join and my Master sat beside me on his laptop and then joined in the conversation, too.  The chat centered around lost trust, suspension, and poly households.  Pretty interesting to chat with those that I have read posts from and about.  Nice to have some people to converse with who are in the bdsm lifestyle.  I totally feel like my Master is the most experienced and the most knowledgeable and of course, the most awesomest of  the Doms that I’ve ever met or read about.  He really is the awesomest and I feel very priveleged to be his and hope he keeps me forever.  I love him more than anything on this earth!

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