Serving Master through Others….(part 1 this past summer 2010)

I’m inspired to start this series of posts because of Missi’s recent post on her play at a party.  Thank-you, Missi!

We started to swing this past summer with some other couples and this has been a very, very new experience for me.  I didn’t think that I could handle my Master being with others nor that I would enjoy any aspect of it.

The first experience was with a couple who also had never been with another couple before.  They were much younger than us.  the girl was bicurious as I , though I had never been with another woman before.  We met at a hotel room.  They were already there.  As my Master knocked on the door of the hotel room, I thought I would actually die.  I couldn’t believe that I was doing this!!!  The door was answered and we walked in.  My Master is always so confident and never feels nervous or embarrassed.  It was clear that the other couple was quite nervous.  The male of the other couple was young and good looking and quite fit.  The female was short, cute and had quite a bit bigger boobs than I.  I had had a beer, I think, so I was a little bit chill, but really didn’t feel that I could even speak.  I just smiled.  My Master soon thought it was time to get busy and he started to undress me.  I complied willingly.  The night progressed with much sucking and fucking and us girls played a bit with each other’s boobs which was the first time that I had ever touched another’s boobs.  I was quite excited!!!!  The night ended with all of us feeling that we had found some wonderful “fuck friends”!!!

Anyone else who serves Master through others?


Bottom, Sub, or Slave?

I consider myself a slave.  Everyone has different definitions of what slave is versus what submissive is versus what a bottom is.  Basically, I think they all have the same basis, just different degrees.  I think you start at one (bottom) and then move toward the others based on who you are with and how long and how much trust is there.  I met my Master 8 years ago.  I have very, very gradually released more and more of my life control.  It has been so very, very gradual, though, and I still feel that I have a long, long way to go before I get to the point of absolutely no control.  I’m not sure that my Master wants me to have no control.  He likes my mind.  Though we are continually moving toward me having less.  It has taken a lot of time for me to feel the total trust of letting him have control of a part of my life and feeling totally and completely confident in his care.  And he constantly proves that he can handle it for me and so that makes me want to give more.  I think most people in this lifestyle go too far, too fast without knowing what they are doing.  Just my thoughts!!!

Topic #8 Describe a recent Aha!” moment. What sparked it?

My Master and I talked forever last night.  We had such a wonderful and close discussion.  We usually have great discussions and we always seem to be pretty much on the same page for most everything, but it is really awesome when it is about our Master/slave relationship.  We talked and I drank way, way too much, but then we had awesome sex and finally fell to sleep around 4am.  Not really an aha moment but rather just an awesome time of talking about what we want from the future and how we both want more  and both of us want the same more, ya know?

Topic #7 Share a story about a memorable job interview.

After college and going to my first professional job interview, my mother came with me for the drive – 2 1/2 hours and waited with me to be called into the office of interview.  The interviewer thought my mother was the interviewee as she and I both share the trait of looking extremely young for our ages.  After my mother indicated that I was the one interviewing, he told us that we could both come in to the interview!  (?)  And fortunately for me, my mother did most of the talking and I got the job.  Lame, ….maybe…but it didn’t hurt me any!!!

Bruises and Marks During Sex!

I am submissive and truly like seeing bruises or marks on me from sex my Master. I love bruises on my butt and I actually feel sad when they are gone.

I have a scar on my knee from a night of really good sex where I and my Master were with another couple and I was literally on my knees so much from sucking my Master’s cock and the other guy and from eating the girl’s pussy that I actually got a really bad rug burn on my left knee and it left a scar!!!!

I also have a little scar on my right breast from where my Master touched the end of a lighter to my breast and it was hot and it blistered and left a little scar. It is faint now, but I like it!

When I first started investigating into BDSM I remember that I believed that I wanted to feel vulnerable and I wanted to be spanked, but I didn’t want marks left on me.   WOW!!!!  I have changed so much as I’ve delved further into this lifestyle!

Now, I crave it and want more!  I actually want much more and wish that my Master would give me more!!!  LOTs more!!  😉

I remember the first time that my Master gave me bruises on my ass.  I woke up the next morning and happened to see them and I was!!!  awesome!!!  I was so proud and I thought…ok, I am really weird.  Everytime I went to the bathroom, I had to look at myself in the mirror and smile and think of the sex that brought that about.  I really thought I was weird.

But, I think that there are a lot of submissives and slaves who feel that way.  Care to comment?


I won’t be posting topic #7 which is most memorable job interview…just not interesting.  Plus I am totally exhausted.  I’ve been tired all week and this morning I had a headache and was so tired that I just couldn’t manage to go to work.  My Master gave me 2 tylenol pms and I slept until 3:30 pm.  I still feel quite groggy.