Bruises and Marks During Sex!

I am submissive and truly like seeing bruises or marks on me from sex my Master. I love bruises on my butt and I actually feel sad when they are gone.

I have a scar on my knee from a night of really good sex where I and my Master were with another couple and I was literally on my knees so much from sucking my Master’s cock and the other guy and from eating the girl’s pussy that I actually got a really bad rug burn on my left knee and it left a scar!!!!

I also have a little scar on my right breast from where my Master touched the end of a lighter to my breast and it was hot and it blistered and left a little scar. It is faint now, but I like it!

When I first started investigating into BDSM I remember that I believed that I wanted to feel vulnerable and I wanted to be spanked, but I didn’t want marks left on me.   WOW!!!!  I have changed so much as I’ve delved further into this lifestyle!

Now, I crave it and want more!  I actually want much more and wish that my Master would give me more!!!  LOTs more!!  😉

I remember the first time that my Master gave me bruises on my ass.  I woke up the next morning and happened to see them and I was!!!  awesome!!!  I was so proud and I thought…ok, I am really weird.  Everytime I went to the bathroom, I had to look at myself in the mirror and smile and think of the sex that brought that about.  I really thought I was weird.

But, I think that there are a lot of submissives and slaves who feel that way.  Care to comment?


  1. I think yours is a common reaction. A lot of subs feel proud of their marks and also think it’s strange to be proud of them simply because they don’t know other people who feel the same way. In the circles I frequent it’s actually common for subs to compare their marks when they meet in clubs…

    On the other hand, when I was quite a lot younger, even before I was on scene as a dom, I knew quite a few men who weren’t remotely into bdsm but would boast about having had sex where their partner had scratched their backs with their nails and would even show off the marks. In that case it was a more masculine thing of ‘I made her so excited she did this when she came’. But what it shows is that the idea of bearing the marks of your sexual encounters is not limited to subs, not even limited to the bdsm/fetish world, and can take place for a whole bunch of different reasons.

    All the best – Fulani

  2. every mark Master places on me, i am extremely proud of. i want to show and tell everyone 🙂 but i know that is not possible….and like you, when they begin to fade, i become sad. in some way his marks are a type of “status symbol” that says i am His, and that He takes pleasure in me.

    good post!

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