Bottom, Sub, or Slave?

I consider myself a slave.  Everyone has different definitions of what slave is versus what submissive is versus what a bottom is.  Basically, I think they all have the same basis, just different degrees.  I think you start at one (bottom) and then move toward the others based on who you are with and how long and how much trust is there.  I met my Master 8 years ago.  I have very, very gradually released more and more of my life control.  It has been so very, very gradual, though, and I still feel that I have a long, long way to go before I get to the point of absolutely no control.  I’m not sure that my Master wants me to have no control.  He likes my mind.  Though we are continually moving toward me having less.  It has taken a lot of time for me to feel the total trust of letting him have control of a part of my life and feeling totally and completely confident in his care.  And he constantly proves that he can handle it for me and so that makes me want to give more.  I think most people in this lifestyle go too far, too fast without knowing what they are doing.  Just my thoughts!!!

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