Away for awhile…now back

As is common with a lot of bloggers, I was away, but now am back.  Why do bloggers do that?  I can only speak for myself.  Sometimes as i am blogging, i start to want to reveal myself more and more and then I get scared about revealing too much.  I worry about someone finding out who I really am and then my blogging begins to decline into nonexistence.  I also know that my Master reads my blog, I think?, at least I know that he is able to if he wants and I worry about revealing in a hot moment something that I really don’t mean.  I know him well enough to know that in so doing, it may cause enormous turmoil over something that I really didn’t mean.  I don’t know how to combat that?  And so…again…blogging into nonexistence.  On the other hand, who do I have to talk to about my relationships and my thoughts on life.  I know that my Master would like it to be him, but I want to be able to freely express feelings without getting into trouble and so sometimes I struggle.  Sometimes to the point that I don’t want to struggle…and therefore, I don’t want to blog.  I am feeling lately especially the last week or so, to want to blog , to express my feelings in writing, and wanting to get back into some of my previous blogging friends and connections even though they were only barely barely aquaintances.  I think what really has me excited is the thought of a bloggin buddy.  I hope that i can find one.

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