Spanking – Erotic Punishment or Just Punishment

I had to write a post after reading and responding to littleprincessofpain’s blog post.  She had written about two different types of spankings and I want to expound with my thoughts.

The erotic spanking given to me by my Master is in prelude to sex and orgasm usually.  He will lean me over the bed after I undress and start with slow mild slaps gradually increasing the strength and decreasing the length between smacks.  Then he usually switches to a small flogger, slowly building up.  I can tell as I get used to each level of pain and feel myself getting more and more used to the strokes to the point where I almost don’t feel anything but hot.  Unfortunately, that is where he usually stops.  But, deliciously we move on to other hot things.

The punishment spanking from my Master due to my Master being extremely displeased with me is a total different scenario.  A couple of days ago was the perfect example.  I came home from my job on Wednesday and I was full of anxiety and irritableness.  Sometimes, I really don’t have a handle on why i get this way occasionally.  I know exactly where it is going to lead, yet I can’t help myself even though I know my Master is going to be really mad at me and that is something I hate worse than anything at all ever!!!  Hate it, hate it, hate it.  So, anyway, I start snapping about this or that.  My Master tries to be kind and helpful and asks me what is wrong.  I want to say and do say that i don’t feel like talking about it and of course, that pisses him off to no end because I don’t have a right to that.  grrrrrr….So I name a few things that are bothering me, such as the fact that I have so much to do…complaining really…and he nicely and graciously offers to do the dishes.  I, of course, snap back that I don’t want him to do that.  I really don’t…many reasons.  Anyway, snapping on my part gets worse, partly because I am sure that my snapping is leading me down, down , down the path of destruction, but thinking about THAT just makes me more irritated.  Even as I try to breathe deeply and chill, I cannot.  My Master then orders me to the bedroom and takes my pants down and starts smacking me fast and really hard.  I am squealing and crying and so mad ….at myself.  I know that I deserve it.  sigh….and the worst, is not just the pain, but the fact that my Master is really mad and won’t be getting over it soon.  😦

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