Daddy or Master?

In our relationship, my Master started out by having me call him Master.  Only more recently, he has wanted me to more often refer to him as Daddy.  So, what is the difference?

Both show Dominance toward a submissive.  Although both should show a tenderness and a caring for their submissive, I almost think that a Daddy represents more of a caretaker with affection and tenderness.  Not necessarily in our case, because my Master has always treated me with tenderness and caretaking, but as represented normally, I think.  I also think the term Daddy most assuredly implies an innocent sub, one that needs taken care of, while a Master simply implies Dominance to a sub who may or may not exhibit these characteristics.  I also think that the kind of Daddy that i just described is definitely in the context of a Dom/sub relationship, but it could also just represent a Daddy who is taking care of a little girl and may or may not have Dom/sub involved.

In our relationship, I have become more and more dependent on my Master for day to day activities and because of my dependence, it lends itself more toward the Daddy term.

Does anyone care to comment?

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