Day 6: Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy

I don’t think that I have any one particular overriding fantasy.  I enjoy basically any kind of control over me.  I particularly think about being controlled in public, though usually far away from where I live to prevent running into coworkers or family or neighbors.  In these fantasies, I often imagine that I am wearing sexy simple clothing such as a skirt and tank or tank dress and for some reason, my Master is not pleased with me, even if it is something that I didn’t do on purpose, and as punishment he might make me lift my skirt to reveal no panties and a smooth pussy.  As he berates me, he spanks my pussy to my total humiliation, particularly since someone could easily see, increasing my humiliation.  However, I comply because I must.  I want to please my Master as well as not make him angrier – this, a fear, that increases the wetness of my pussy.  I am further humiliated by the fact that I cannot help but be aroused, wet, and wanting to cum.

I also fantasize about my Master spanking or whipping or otherwise torturing me for his pleasure only.  Of course I want/need to be punished when I disobey or displease my Master (and he doesn’t do this enough), but also when he just wants to!  Perhaps he is stressed out or mad at someone else, but tells me that he must punish me in order to relieve his stress or because he is displeased with someone/something else.  I feel this as serving even more so!  And since I love to serve in this manner, it is a huge turnon.

What do you think?


  1. “I am further humiliated by the fact that I cannot help but be aroused, wet, and wanting to cum.”

    YES, totally! lol That drives me crazy. It’s like the control thing is just the start, but by the time my arousal starts and keeps going with or without me, no matter what’s being done to me, whether or not I like it, that’s this amazing feeling of total helplessness. The more aroused I get the more helpless I feel, the more helpless I feel the more aroused I get, a neverending cycle, lol.

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