I had to write this post after reading slutlyfe’s blog post on orgasm.  I used to cum so easily when I was younger.  With my fingers, yes, but with a vibrator, almost instantaneously until I was in my 30’s.  The problem with me, (should I really say problem?) was that once I came, I came so violently that I did not want anymore stimulation on my clit.  I have a really sensitive clit.  (Too sensitive, maybe?) Anyway, around the age of 30-35, I began to try to prolong the glorious period right before orgasm.  I could make myself stay at almost a peak for a really long time!!!  It drives me wild to do so.  I become like a different person I think.  And my Master always has made me feel that orgasm is not the goal, but instead to stay at that point for as long as possible.  The result is also a bonus of a mind blowing, head tossing, sometimes crying and emotional release.  Whenever we play, (and when I say play, I mean if we go outside just me and my Master), I do feel pressured to cum, it always seems that others want that goal, and I, too, admittedly have that goal with others.  I want to see them cum and be pleasured by me.  So, I have said that i have cum, when asked, even though I have not.  My Master knows this and respects that I do this, because he realizes that I want to make others happy and not feel bad.  An additional bonus to my prolonging my orgasm as a technique is that I have been able to have multiple orgasms with a vibrator.  I can go hours and have many orgasms….By that I mean 10 or more and that is really big, mind blowing, screaming orgasms.  I can also have very small quick orgasms that cum and go so quickly that I want to immediately have another.  I do find a different kind of orgasm when cumming via clit, vagina and anally.  To me they feel totally different.  All wonderful!!!


  1. I can’t wait till I get to THAT point. I have to try and slow down when I start to get really hot. That may be a better way of putting it. Also, using the vibrator a lot!!! When I met my Master, he really liked me using the vibrator on myself and he likes using it on me, too. So, using the vibrator maybe has desensitized me in some ways, which is really good, because I still consider that I have an extremely extremely sensitive clit. 🙂

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