Collars – Visible? – Invisible? – Symbolic?

If you are a sub/slave who enjoys being owned, then more than likely you WANT a collar.  But whether you want it to be visible to everyone or not is another thing.  I enjoy wearing an actual dog collar sometimes….behind closed doors!!!  Although, I wouldn’t mind wearing it in an atmosphere where the lifestyle was accepted and where there were others publicly displaying their’s, right?  (Some type of club or party)

Are there other types of collars?  Ones that are more symbolic rather than with the ability to attach a leash?  Why yes, of course there are! I have seen pictures of very beautiful and expensive “collars” that could definitely pass for jewelry, some more towards jewelry and some more toward the end of a high class functional collar.

I’ve seen lots of different fancy collars. Some are plain, but  lock with screw.  Some actually have usable o ring.

Then there are ones that are even more symbolic in that they are not worn around the neck.  I have one such collar.  It is a bracelet.  To be more exact, a Cartier Love Bracelet. This is my bracelet!

Here it is on me:

My Master bought me  Cartier Love Bracelet for Christmas of 2010.  It is one of my most treasured belongings.  It has not come off of my wrist since he screwed it on, Christmas  2010.  I love it and get many compliments on it. Mine is silver.

The Cartier Love bracelet was originally created in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo.  It was inspired by the chastity belt and Cartier originally marketed the Love Bracelet to Hollywood couples only like, Ali McGraw and Steve McQueen and Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.  The original version was in two pieces, joined together by bolts that could be unlocked with a matching screwdriver.  It is an outward sign of a commitment of love forever.

I would love to get something similar as an anklet and necklace with o ring some day!  I would also love to have an o ring (ring) for my finger!  And, I also would like a tatoo showing my Master’s ownership of me as well as the international symbol for bdsm.


  1. The bracelet your master gave you is beautiful … as a someone educated in diamonds and fine jewelry I feel absolutely compelled to say this so you keep it beautiful and pristine for many years to come (sorry for my unasked for advice!)

    Our chlorinated water is not good for silver and other precious metals. It tends to speed corrosion. Most items of fine jewelry have a very thin coating to protect the metal, but if your not removing it (and I’d never suggest you remove this) you might want to purchase a jewelers rouge cloth, its a silver polishing cloth. If you use it regularly, you’ll keep the metal in tip top shape and keep it shining brightly.

    Feel free to tell me to stuff it, but I hate to see good jewelry go bad ;-(

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