Authority, Authoritay, and Taking It.

Last night, I got “in trouble”.  I can’t remember exactly why, only that somehow it had to do with “authority”.  I know I had asked him earlier if he was going to torture me tonight.  And he said, “yes”.  I can’t remember how we got on the subject of authority.  (I’m sure as soon as he reads this that he will “remind” me.) I think that I might have been mocking him by saying, “authoritay”.  LOL  Anyway, I had had a couple glasses of wine.  It only takes one for me to “feel pretty good”.  My Master got that, “oh, really” look on his face and pulled my pants down, leaned me over the bed, and started wacking me really hard with a plastic hanger.  OUCH!!!!  (I was really upset with myself because I had planned in my head from early in the evening that I was going to take as much as I could this night without my usual whining at the first smack.  I really have a low pain tolerance, but I don’t like that fact about myself.  I want to be able to “take it”.             Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like I would be a better little girl if I could take more.  And that makes me want to take more.  But, I couldn’t and I was whining and squealing and jumping around and he was throwing me back down on the bed over and over.  Then he demanded that I take all my clothes off and then he handed me my little summer robe and told me to put on my sandals.  I was like..what?  why?  He led me outside into the backyard and around the side of the house where it is really dark.  He had his cell with him and I expected that he was going to make me pose nude while he took pics.  But, instead he led me to the front yard and out to the car.  I was like, “What are we doing?  Where are we going?  Someone might see me. ”   He was like, “You were wearing nearly the same earlier when we went to the store.”  ( I was wearing a skirt and tank and sandals.)   I was like, “Yeah, but this is a ROBE!!!!”  We got in the car and he told me to “Open the robe”.  I was like freaking out a bit, but the wine kept me just a little calmer.  I was like, “Someone could see me!”  We were right in front of the house under a street light.  But I complied.  Then he started the car and drove me around the neighborhood like that.  I was like freaking out and whining all the while.  He said, “Now who is the authority.”  I became quite quiet and said, “You are.”    “WHAT?”  “You are, Daddy.”  sigh….how humiliating!


  1. Actually I believe the statement was initially “Authority? You think you have authority?” Followed soon by a comment to her little dog side kick, “Aww Daddy thinks he has authority.” Thus the pleasure of reminding you and your little dog too who has said authority.

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