Day 15: Write about a BDSM/kink activity you’re curious about and would like to try.

Hmmmm….wow..there are sooo many that I’m interested in but have never yet tried.  I would love to be branded…like actually branded with a branding iron.  I know it would hurt like hell and I would hate that.  I’m sure I would scream and cry and pout for days, maybe weeks.  But I would love it!  I like the idea of being caged (as long as I can stretch out and not be cramped in pain).  I’ve never been suspended or on any kind of rack, and think it is terribly scary, but would like to try if my Master wanted it.  Basically, anything that my Master would like to try with me, I am very VERY interested in doing for him.  I also know that there are a million things in the realm of humiliation that I’ve not experienced that I’m sure my Master wants to do and though I don’t like being humiliated, I like being humiliated.  I know that’s hard to explain and understand, but I know that there are a lot of subs who know exactly what I mean and many people that can explain more eloquently what I mean.


  1. As for what I would like to try it is a bit more complicated than that. I have experienced a great deal and enjoyed most of it. However being married now I am learning to balance a new level of care and concern for my partner with the care and use of her as a sub. It is more difficult than I first expected. Things I wouldn’t have worried over in the past I worry over very much now because the risk is greater. But honestly that concern is hold us both back somewhat and I need to push through it. Sooner rather than later. So I guess what I would like to try is everything all over again just with this wonderful sub I also am in love with.

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