New/Old Chore

There was a time when my Master picked out all of my clothing.  At that time I had a lot of clothing, a lot of underclothing, etc…  I was a size 4/6.  Now I am a size 10…uck..but, ohwell.  So, all of that clothing doesn’t fit anymore and my wardrobe is not as abundant as it was then.  Between those size points, I began to get irritated with my Master picking out my clothing for work because I didn’t agree with some of his choices as being “professional”.  He would try to argue that the woman’s body was beautiful and it didn’t matter if my nipples stuck out so.  I disagreed.  So the rule was changed to where I could select my work clothing.  And then I became depressed at how much of my clothing didn’t fit and so the rule was put on the back burner.

Now, however, I’ve asked for the rule to be reinstated and my Master was happy with this, I think.  I rearranged and cleaned out and packed up things from my huge closet so that now things readily available actually fit me and I’ve separated what I feel comfortable wearing to work – thus work clothes – to a separate section.

I will now add this to my list of rules.  🙂

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