I am excited to be back on my blog.  I feel kind of bad for not blogging in so long, but as I mentioned I started a new job.  The job was one that I had wanted for 3 years.  It was hard to get hired and I am very pleased that I finally got it.  Then there was the possibility of losing it after a year, but, fortunately my skills came above some others who had been there longer than me.  I’m sad for them, but pleased that my schooling had paid off!  For me, it is pretty much a dream job.  It definitely is not everyone’s dream job, but I love my job and isn’t that REALLY important?  

My Master had suggested that now that things have settled down in life that we needed to focus more on our relationship and he suggested that I return to blogging.  I’m reviewing who I follow and looking to see if they have stopped posting or if their blog has become inactive.  

Even though I have not been blogging, my Master and I have very much still been together as husband and wife and as Dominant and Submissive.  We haven’t “played” outside of each other in while, but our last experience was, well, how shall I say it….HORRIBLE!  With that said, nothing permanent occurred, and every experience is a lesson in some way.

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