Day 19: Any unexpected ways kink has improved your life?  If so, what are they?

Oh, yes, let me count the ways…

  1. Being submissive has given me so much confidence.  I feel so happy about myself when my Master compliments me on any given task.  He makes me feel good about myself.
  2. Being in a Dom/sub relationship makes me feel so desirable.  I feel confident that my Master finds me desirable and when we play, I feel like others find me desirable, too. 
  3. Being in a Dom/sub relationship makes me feel taken care of.  My Master always tells me that he will take care of me.  And he has shown that over and over and over again.
  4. Being a submissive allows me to feel less stressed in life.  At one time in my life, I had a daily goal.  It was – How can I make my life less stressed today?  That is pretty sad.  It has been a long time since I have felt that way.  All due to my Master.
  5. Being submissive has allowed me not to have to stress about my indecisiveness.  Decision-making is no longer a horror.  My Master makes practically all major decisions and most minor as well.  It is so freeing!  First of all, I don’t have to worry if I made a mistake because it really wasn’t my decision.  Therefore it is not really my fault if it doesn’t work out.  
  6. And, fortunately for me, My Master is so incredibly knowledgable and intelligent that I really honestly feel that he knows almost everything and so I trust him completely.  I have never felt so completely trusting of someone before and that is saying a lot because I had/have enormous trust and respect for my parents.
  7. My sex life has definitely improved!!!  I love sex!!  And though I always did, now there is so much more to explore!!!
  8. understand myself better than I have ever before.  I can look at my past and see so many signs of submission and now I understand why I always craved certain things – both sexual and nonsexual – and how it relates to my kink of submission.  I have learned that submission and being a leader often go hand in hand.  I am more or less a leader in my workplace and career, so it may seem odd that I am submissive in personality.  But, it actually takes a strong woman to ‘submit’ and give up control.
  9. Conversely, I understand others better because of my kink and my exploration into kinks in general.  It is easy for me to understand other people and their kinks, just because I understand that we all have kinks, in reality.  We all have certain things that turn us on for one reason or another and usually have more than one kink. 
  10. My initial kink of liking spanking has led to lots and lots more kinks, both realizing myself that I had that kink, or in exploring, sort of developed an inclination toward one or another kink.  And more kinks means more variety. 

And variety is the spice of life, after all!

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