Day 23: Since you first developed an interest in kink, have your interests/perspectives changed? How so?

When I first started delving into the BDSM lifestyle – via the internet, I only knew one aspect of the lifestyle that I liked.  It was SPANKING!  And, at that time, I was only interested in light or moderate spanking that left no marks.  As time into the lifestyle and time with my Master progressed, I began to develop interests in bondage and more tortuous spankings and whippings.  I still don’t want to be severely hurt, but a little experience has shown me that it can really heighten so much.  I also began to relish ‘marks’ and then began to really crave them.  I also really started craving the power exchange of the Dom/sub and as I experienced some of it, I wanted/craved more.  I also used to have absolutely no desire to ‘play’ with others.  That has changed and with a little experience, I began to enjoy a lot of play experiences with others.  There is more kinks that have sparked my interest as time has gone on and I it makes the kink lifestyle so enticing because there is so much to explore and once you start accepting something as your kink, it really frees you up to the possibility that you are free to explore any of a number of kinks….or all!

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