Day 24: What qualities do you look for in a partner?

Hmmmm… interesting question.  I guess I will have to answer this question in two ways.  First, what DID I look for in a partner/Master.  And then, Second, – what do I look for now in a play partner with Master.

So, I think that I always wanted a take charge kind of guy.  This was before I knew anything about D/s.  I think I equated that to big, powerful and muscular.  But then I realized that what I really wanted was a very, very confident guy who liked to take charge of me.  I found my Master and I thought what an awesome fit!  I want someone to take control of me and he wanted to take control of me.

Now, as for what I look for now?  I really leave that all up to my Master.  He does try to take into account what I like when he is looking for play.  He often asks me what I think about certain people, aspects of their body, personalities, etc..  Over time, as we have discussed so much, we began to play with couples moreso than just females.  That is because my Master wanted me to feel more comfortable and he likes to see me pleasing another guy or girl for him.  Even in our play, though, I like the guy/girl to be more in charge than me.  Although, with some couples this hasn’t mattered as I’ve just followed my Master’s directions – “play with her tits”, “eat her pussy”, “suck his cock”, or “do what he tells you”.  Relieves me of the responsibility.  After all, I HAVE to do as I’m told.  🙂

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