Day 28: How do you dress for kink/BDSM play?  What significance does your attire have to you?

At this point in time, my dress for kink is simply whatever…  My Master likes it when I wear jeans, actually.  But, he also has an attraction for stockings.  a lot.  Unfortunately, I think I have repressed some of that because it is hard to find time to ‘dress up’ when you aren’t really going anywhere special.  Or where it would be acceptable.  My Master used to like to put an actual collar and leash on me and make me crawl around, but he hasn’t done that in a while.

Now, how would I LIKE to dress for kink/BDSM play?  Well, first of all, I desire to dress however my Master desires me to dress.  We have been around on that point.  He used to dress me for everything, which I liked until I gained a little weight and then certain clothes became uncomfortable and also at work, I was a little apprehensive and wanted to wear what I wanted to wear.  So, we then changed to where I would pick the clothing for work and he would pick the underclothing, but then again, I ran into a comfort issue.  A lot of frilly lingerie is just not conducive to work.  And then as I gained a few pounds, they were too tight and more uncomfortable.  Then we changed to I would pick the work outfits and he would pick the after work outfits.  But, he always chose jeans and I was a little put off by that because he had purchased all these little skirts for me, but then would never pick them for me to wear.  I began to think that he was trying to be sweet and make me comfortable – which is sooo like him.  But, when i asked him, he said that he liked me in jeans!  Okay, well, anyway, I as interested in wearing a little more seductive clothing.  So, I tried picking out some of my won clothing little by little and he didn’t protest and then I began to think that I was too fat and that my legs were too ugly – veiny and so forth blah, blah, I know…but blame it on society, not me!  Then my attire became sweats…LOL!!!  (And i wonder why we are possibly in a ‘rut’!)

Okay, so back to my fantasies…if I had the money to purchase the clothing that I wanted, then i would definitely dress differently…all the time…no not necessarily in leather or in maids outfits, although I am totally NOT against that.  hee hee!  But I would dress sexy all the time.  What is my idea of sexy?  Well, little dresses and heels, little skirts and frilly shirts, sexy lingerie galore…all matching of course!!!  Lots of stockings and garters and corsets.  I would dress sexy for work also….sexy pants and awesome sexy shoes with secret sexy lingerie underneath.  I would want to wear more jewelry… that had significance….like necklaces and bracelets and anklets that subtly told that I was submissive.  I would also want to have my hair routinely fixed very sexily to suit my Master.

Okay…enough dreaming.  Maybe I will have to forego some other things in order to get my sexy wardrobe.  Maybe after I lose the weight.  ?  Or maybe I shouldn’t wait.  Whadya think?

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