Wanting more….!…..?

Why does a submissive inevitably at one time or another say that she wants/needs more Dominance?  I’ve read it so many times in so many submissive blogs and stories.

I guess that is because if you are submissive, you really crave being dominated.  It is addictive.  One can only be satiated for a short time.  Being dominated is sexually arousing…..comforting…..sexually satisfying……peace giving…..validating……sexually stimulating…..loving…..caring…..and induces sexual feelings…..feelings of being small and taken care of and….of admiration…..awe…..respect…..and devotion.

Being dominated breeds wanting to be more dominated, but since we are submissive, it is difficult because……uh…we are NOT in charge and therefore we have no control over when we are dominated.


We could/can ASK for more dominance, but to me that doesn’t seem submissive. It also seems like a pressure putter oner.  -yes, I made that up!

And then, as I’ve seen in some blogs, it might be more than we bargained for, maybe it would turn in to too much?

So, what’s a sub to do?

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