The “L” word

Feeling like I’m missing something lately and it must be, of course, my kink.

Sometimes when I start to delve, though, I just start feeling down.  I guess because I can’t have it right now.  Not really sure.  But starting to delve again, anyway.

I get on my treadmill and pull up netflix to watch while walking.  I look under the ‘most popular on netflix’ section and THE L WORD pops out at me.  L standing for Lesbian.  I am not a Lesbian, but I do like sex and I’ve had sex with women, so this looked interesting.

First episode thoughts:  I see a L couple that wants to have a baby and looking for a donor.  Apparently, they are not having much sex lately.  (Boy, can I relate.)  But they love each other.  Then there is the hot scene of two L in the pool.  hot. And then there is the storyline of the gf who has just moved to LA to be with her bf and she is approached by a L.  OMG it is h.o.t.  I think the reason why I am finding it so hot is because she finds that she likes this girl, they have a few things in common, and the girl is obviously interested in her.  I think that she doesn’t know whether it is friendship or flirting, but I think she thinks it is just friendship.  At the party where she meets this girl, when she goes to the bathroom, the girl follows her into the bathroom and starts kissing on her.  She resists, sort of, and then gives in to the kissing and then confused, runs out and leaves the party.  She then goes home to suck and fuck her bf.  Maybe to prove to herself that yes, she loves sex with her bf.  It is really delicious!

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