New Time, New Start – The New Rules

My Master laid out for me Three New Rules. We are starting afresh and so most rules I have becomes slack in doing and he has been slow on enforcing, so here are the three new rules.

Rule #1 – I WILL OBEY

A. Consistent Directives (not dependent on situation)
1. FOLLOW DIRECTIVES – This has been an issue for my Master because when he tells me to do something, I tend to say, but what about… or but that’s not… This leads him to believe that I think that I am smarter than him and looks like I’m arguing. SO, instead, I must first say YES SIR and then I can say, MAY I SAY SOMETHING?.
2. MASTURBATION – must tell the very next opportunity. My Master does not require me to ask first to masturbate. But he does want to know about it and I tend not to tell him immediately, but rather may mention it when he asks, which may be days later. So, now I must tell him ASAP. And it is now a RULE, not just something he would like for me to do.
3. COFFEE – I always make him coffee in the morning, but he doesn’t usually ask me to make it for him during the day. Now, he will be telling me more often to make and serve him coffee.

B. Situationally Dependent Directives (may or may not be possible at all times, but I will still be responsible for outcomes)
1. DECISIONS. If there is any way possible, ask first for all decisions. If not possible, such as when I’m at work, I can make decision, but discuss with Master asap and explain why.
2. PERMISSION. I need permission. (Shower. Bathroom. …) In our lifestyle, if others, such as children, are about, then I can say something such as, I was thinking of taking a shower and then my Master can acknowledge that is okay for me to continue. As for going to the bathroom, he requires me to look at him when I say I need to go to the bathroom and he gives a nod of his head in acknowledgement and permission. This has been a long standing rule, but I have slacked.

Rule #2 – Show Respect.

A. DON’T ARGUE. If I disagree, say Yes, Sir and then ask permission to ask/say.
B. NO SMARTASSNESS – I tend to scoff a lot. And I’ve gotten really bratty about that. It is to stop!
C. NO “WHATEVER” instead – Yes Sir. Uh, yeah, I’m REALLY bad for saying that one whenever I disagree but will acquiesce anyway. So, really going to have to work on that one. Whatever. Uh, I mean, okay!

Rule #3 – Sex for Master ANYTIME, ANYONE, ANYWAY he desires. He allows me to be a part of all sex.


From Wake-up to 8am (at which time I must be at work)
Coffee for Master

Must ask to stay after work, unless required.

GYM – Must attend 4 days min. (Must ask permission before attempting any new workouts or classes)
BLOG – 4 days min.
Send Master a PIC or STORY from internet that might make his cock hard (ask permission to read stories)– 4 days min.

Master picks CLOTHING – I can wear pj for lounging in am. Then Master picks clothing.
Let Master know on Friday if I have to bring WORK HOME. And then do work when Master allows.

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