I think that if you are in any relationship for any length of time, the relationship will inevitably be subject to ups and downs,  trials –  big and small.  One or both (or more) members of the relationship will begin to be dissatisfied or worse depressed about the relationship or some aspect of it.  The question then becomes whether it is worth plowing through the problems or giving up and moving on.  I am a deeply committed person and I don’t like to give up – especially because I know what I have and I want to keep it.  I want to move toward a better and more satisfying relationship and I am willing to put forth the effort.  No, not willing, but rather excited to put forth the effort.  When a relationship discovers that it must analyze and and take action in order to move away from the dissatisfaction and move toward more happiness, the only question is – are all members on board?  If so,  they  will eventually need to refresh and renew and refocus the relationship somehow, someway. It might come on the heels of a slowly decaying relationship or it might come on the heels of a major argument.   The new start might occur via a vacation or with an awesome discussion.  

BDSM relationships are not exempt from  relationship issues .  And probably more so, because while life gets in the way of any relationship, boy, can it really get in the way of a BDSM relationship.  Because of taboos in our society and because of children, BDSM has its place and time and if you don’t make the time for it, or if you are unable to make time due to life circumstances, then the relationship can suffer.  This is especially true for those who wish to LIVE the lifestyle 24/7 such as we do.  

OUR relationship has not been going that great lately and it has been sad for me and sad for my Master. What happened?  Hmmm….I think it has been simply neglect of the BDSM part of our relationship.  So many dramas have arisen that have not allowed us to spend time where it was really needed and our relationship REALLY suffered.  We both knew it and we both wanted it to change.  Over time, we’ve had many arguments and discussions and tried to get somewhere, but never seem to.  Know the feeling?  We are still husband, wife, parents, and best friends. I think we have finally both gotten on the same page and been honest enough with each other to see some of the major problems that we are having and my Master has set forth that it is time to do some things DIFFERENT!  Soooo, it’s TIME for a NEW START, and NEW RULES.  

I am so excited and happy for this new start.  Most importantly, I am excited that our love is so strong and that we are both on the same page…..still.  That alone is BLISS!

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