Kink of the Week – Tickling

Uh…No! I don’t like to be tickled at all. I find most tickling just annoying, but don’t even go near my feet. I mean, don’t even touch my feet, let alone TICKLE them.

I guess that tickling would definitely be torture to me, but I would not find it erotic or enjoyable at all. Sometimes, my Master does tickle me. My response is always a scream to stop, stop! I’m sure that he rather enjoys that as much as I hate it.

My Master respects my total aversion to having my feet touched. I almost always wear socks because my feet are THAT sensitive. I’m actually pretty sensitive everywhere, actually. My nipples and my clit are so sensitive that it actually annoys me. I sometimes wish that I were not so sensitive.

On the other hand, I might not have screaming head-tossing orgasms if I weren’t. πŸ™‚


  1. I can’t stand being tickled either. My Master was tickling me a little bit today but it was not so bad that I couldn’t take it. Then He said that He wanted to tie me down on his bed and then tickle me for hours. Just nostop tickling. I shook my head and that made it worse. That was a stupid mistake. Because I said no to that, He decided that He would do that to me. I’m dreading that day and I know it will happen soon. I just hope He doesn’t tickle me to the point of screaming

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