I remember seeing a picture once. It was one of several actually that my Master allowed me to see. There were part of his “stuff” his “treasures” or memories. Oh, I was soooo jealous when I saw those pics. They were pics of some of his previous “girls”. The pictures were actually very awesome. They looked like professional pictures. Pictures of a naked girl with a beautiful young body, naked and creamy, laying on satin sheets, perfect blonde curls, spread out around her….
….and then I found out that my Master was the photographer……..
…..And I’m jealous.

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  1. I believe first in openness as a key to any successful relationship. If you have things like pictures from your past they can not be a hidden secret. Secrets come out and then feelings are hurt. Don’t hide anything from your partner. Have the courage to come forward and deal with all things as a couple and you will feel better a live a happier life.
    Second I also enjoy a bit of jealousy. In reasonable amounts it makes people feel wanted and valued. It can also be rather arousing.

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