30 Days of Submission

Not sure where I found this – 30 DAYS OF SUBMISSION.  But, I LOVE questionnaires and 30 Days of Submission questions seems perfect to start right now!

I am trying to turn over a new leaf, as it is Fall and it seems the perfect time, don’t you think.  Actually, my Master and I are both on a mission to improve our relationship.  We are 24/7, husband and wife, met online, dated, married, and have  a real life, job, kids (though teens), parents to help out and so forth.  So, we don’t live in a cocoon and as often happens in long-term relationships, we have somewhat neglected ours.  But, upward and onward to change that.

I also have never felt like I was near enough deep enough into the BDSM lifestyle as I would like to be and I know my Master feels the same.  So I plan to attempt some real changes in my life.  (Which reminds me, I better review my rules.)

So, to all you submissives…please join me!!!

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