Kink versus Fetish….What Does It All Mean?

People use the words kink, kinky and fetish all the time.  “ooooo…kinky”  or “I have such a fetish for chocolate covered cherries!”  However, what do the words REALLY mean?

KINK – unconventional sexual taste or behavior or  a clever unusual way of doing something

FETISH –  a need or desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement
In other words, kink can also be a fetish, but not necessarily, while a fetish is always a kink.
Let’s say someone enjoys being spanked or whipped in the realm of sex.  Let’s say it is a turn-on or it enhances some part of getting aroused. Then for that person, spanking is a kink.   If that person NEEDS to be spanked in order to become aroused or maybe even to orgasm, then it is not just a kink, anymore.  It is now a fetish.
Oh, but there are so, so many more kinks than just being spanked or whipped.  The list is almost inexhaustible.
What are some different kinks?  Here is a list to get you started…abrasion, age play, anal sex, anal plugs, animal roles – like puppy, pony, and kitten, arm and leg sleeves, asphyxiation, auctioned for charity, bathroom use control, bestiality, beating, blindfolds, biting or being bitten, blowjobs (giving/receiving head), bondage, branding, boot worship, bondage, breast whipping, brown showers (scat), cages or closets, caning, catheterization, chastity belts, chauffeuring, choking, clothespins, cock worship, collars, competitions, corsets, cuffs, cutting, dilation, double penetration (as in pussy and ass), electricity, enemas, chastity, examinations, exercise (forced), exhibitionism, eye contact restrictions, face slapping, fantasy abandonment, fantasy rape, fantasy gang-rape, fisting (anal and/or vaginal), foot worship, forced dressing, forced homosexuality, forced masturbation, forced nudity, hoods, gags, golden showers, hand spankings, implementation spankings, hair pulling, hand jobs (giving and/or receiving), harems, harnessing, food control, clothing control,  high heel worship, homage with tongue, hot oils, hot wax, housework, humiliation, hypnotism, ice cubes, infantilism, injections, interrogations, kidnapping, kneeling, leather clothing, lecturing, manicures, massage, medical scenes, modeling, photographing, videoing, mouth bits, mummification, nipple clamps, nipple weights, clit clamps, clit weights, vaginal lip clamps, vaginal lip weights, ball clamps, ball weights, oral/anal play, spanking, orgasm control, outdoor sex, phone sex, piercings, public exposure, pussy/cock whipping, pussy worship, riding crops, rituals, religious scenes, rubber/latex, saran wrappings, sensory deprivation, serving as furniture, serving as maid or waiter or waitress, serving as art or table decor, serving others, shaving (body and/or head), sleep deprivation, speculums, spreader bars, standing in corner, stocks, straight jackets, dildos, suspension, supplying new partners, swallowing semen, swallowing urine, swapping, swinging, tattooing, teasing, tickling, vibrators, voyeurism, water torture, and whipping.
So, what are your kinks?  or fetishes?  or are you still exploring?  … me.  🙂


    • Hi AC! I don’t necessarily think fetish is a subset of kink. More simply, a kink CAN be a fetish IF it is REQUIRED for arousal/orgasm. On that note, it is NOT the degree, but rather it just must be present at all. So in your survey, most certainly numbers 45,60, 61, 69, 76, 93, 97 more indicate a fetish if you picked E. Again, although I loved the survey, I’m not necessarily sure that selecting E on an item decreed more kinky, because I would interpret MORE kinky as having MORE kinks. But that is just my humble opinion. 🙂

      • Not wanting to be argumentative, but to me fetishes are almost exclusively kinks, just with a greater degree of importance placed upon them. I entirely take your point about option E though.
        I’ve long thought that one person’s depraved and perverted is another person’s mildly arousing, so a difference of opinion on this seems entirely appropriate. 😉

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