Capsaicin Cream? Who knew?

I have not been as submissive as I could have been these past couple of days.  Yesterday, in fact, I was horrible.  I was bratty and rude.  I threw a box of trash bags and yelled.  Ugh!  All things that my Master detests.  In fact, then the rest of the day went horribly, resulting in me going to bed early and my Master remaining angry at me.

Although I still don’t feel that I have paid for yesterday completely yet, my Master tried something new in the way of punishment.  After swatting me several times on my bare bottom, he commanded me to take the capsaicin cream and rub a quarter-size dollop into each butt cheek.  Then we went shopping.  At first I felt nothing.  After about 15 minutes of sitting in the car, my butt started to heat up and feel a little uncomfortable.  After about 30 minutes, it was becoming unbearable to sit flat on my butt for any length of time!  UGH!  We went to one store and then we went out to eat.  At dinner, I could not be comfortable.  I excused myself twice to go to the bathroom, just so I didn’t have to sit.  The second time I even got a paper towel, wet it, went into a bathroom stall and tried to wipe my butt cheeks, hoping to remove some of the cream.  That actually seemed to make it worse.  I tried so hard to bear it, knowing that I really deserved it.  I kept adjusting my butt and finally, I could take it no more and had to go to the car, claiming that I didn’t feel good.  At least the walk to the car was relief and in the car I could sit on my folded leg which helped to alleviate the pressure on my butt.  Finally, my Master appeared and we headed home.  My Master told me to get in the shower and wash the cream off, carefully so as not to get it on any other delicate parts, including eyes!  I did as told and FINALLY felt relief!  ahhhhhhhhh……  (Of course not before he swatted me as I was walking to the shower…..OW!!!)

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