Friday Night with “Alex”

Of course that is not his REAL name. My Master set up a date for us to meet up with Alex to play. He was described as a young man who was submissive and bisexual. We were to meet near his place. I was very nervous. We parked the car and Master came around to my side of the car and opened the door. I stepped out and held His hand as we walked toward the meeting destination.

Alex was VERY tall. He was 6’6″ with blond wavy, just below the chin length hair. He wore wire glasses and looked like a quiet intellectual. My Master greeted him and we followed him on foot to his place. It was very small. The place was filled with a warm ambience– with a candle burning and Pandora playing on his large computer screen. We sat down on his couch with him, chatted briefly and my Master told me to let him have a look. I stood up in front of Alex and slowly turned, feeling quite a flush come over me. I was embarrassed at being in the spotlight. Then my Master told me to let him have a BETTER look. So I slowly removed my pants, my shirt, and my bra and socks. I was commando tonight. I looked at Alex and he was so nervous and shy, I could see that. I smiled at him, but he only smiled briefly back. But his eyes didn’t leave my body, so I think he was pleased. Then my Master told him that it was his turn. He got up and removed his clothing very nervously, revealing a very trim, slim build and a very black hairy chest. I didn’t think it matched his blond head hair and hairless face. He also revealed no erection. I wondered at this. Was he too nervous for an erection? Was my body not a turn on for him? Was he more interested in my Master?

My Master then told me to make him feel more comfortable. I went over to him and planted a couple of kisses on his chest and let my hands roam across his shoulders, chest, and back. I noticed stubble on his back and thought, wow, he must really be hairy. And then I wondered if he had someone help him to shave his back or what? I started thinking, why shave your back? I am thinking, either embrace your hairy back or have it waxed. I personally love hairy chest and body, but I prefer to suck a shaved cock. Alex’s cock and balls were shaved. My breasts were very much at cock level. I rubbed my little tits across his now hard cock. I let my hands wander down his body to his genitals and then I kneeled and began to suck his cock and balls. His cock and balls were much smaller than my Masters. He seemed to enjoy my work. I sucked him more and soon my Master instructed me get out a condom, open the package and give it to Alex. My master directed me to fuck him and I continued to suck and fuck him.

Throughout the next couple hours, I continued to follow Masters instructions. After some time, Alex really began to wear out and I think he was having trouble keeping an erection by now. So my Master decided it was time to end the play. My Master asked him how many orgasms he had and he said three. Then he said multiple. I was very surprised to hear that because I hadn’t tasted any cum at any time during our sex. I also didn’t notice any cum in the first condom which I was told to throw away.

My Master did not undress, nor attempt at all to join in for most of the time. That, of course, was his prerogative. He said he enjoyed watching us. At one point, he did start fucking me while I sucked Alex’s cock. Later my Master said that he enjoyed watching. He told me that I looked so tiny next to this giant. His little girl! He told me I was a good girl for doing as he asked.

We said our goodbyes, thanking each other for a wonderful time and then Alex gave my Master an email in which to get in touch again. I AM a good girl indeed.

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