Phone Call to “Callie” and “Conner”

Last night, my Master told me that we would be talking to a couple of which he had described to me at an earlier time. I was very surprised, actually, and had forgotten all about them. “Callie” was Dominant and “Conner” was submissive. This was interesting as I had never been in contact with a real life couple where the male was submissive. “Callie” was also a switch and so my Master said that in scenario, he would dominate all of us, and that there would be some domination by “Callie” of me. Oooo…that sounded interesting! I’ve never had that experience, thought, really, I feel I’ve had so little experience anyway. I was also interested in a male sub, thinking maybe friendship as a sub? I don’t know. Anyway, I was sitting on my bed, looking at blogs, checking and writing in my own blog, while my Master sat in on the bed, playing a game on his phone. Then the phone buzzed as the phone call came through. I instantly became petrified. I watched my Master as he chatted with “Callie” for a moment and then handed the phone to me. UGH!!! I said hello, but then really didn’t know what to say. She asked me what I was doing tonight and I said blogging and then she asked me what I was blogging about. I froze up because not only was I nervous, but also didn’t want to say that I was blogging about the upcoming phone call. It’s like I have three worlds that I live in – One, the real world that everyone sees. One where I work and have a family and watch movies. Then there is the one where we meet up with other people and share fun together, but I keep my job and so forth quiet from this world. Then there is the blogging world where I describe the worlds two and three, but still am not sure the twain should meet, you know? I already let it slip that I was on wordpress. Yikes! Maybe I’m being too paranoid? Anyway, I asked her what she was up to and honestly, I don’t remember what she said! My Master commented something and she asked what he said and YES! that gave me the perfect out and so I handed the phone back to my Master. Shew! The rest of the phone call was pretty much unknown to me, save what my Master was saying. He talked to her for a long time, more than an hour. He also talked to “Conner”. I was somewhat disturbed by the talk because he was telling “Conner” that he was not a man and that he had such a little cock that he could not satisfy “Callie” and that he, my Master, was going to show him how it was done. While he talked, my Master told me to put up my computer and told me to pay attention to his cock. I played with his cock and balls and then he told me to lick and suck his balls and cock. I probably did that for about 1/2 hour. My Master was hard from the beginning of the phone call, obviously turned on by the phone call and talk. I began to get turned on by his cock! While talking he asked me questions, like was I going to eat her pussy like a good girl, to which I replied yes. He described what I was doing to him to “Callie” and asked what “Conner” was doing, and “Conner was eating her pussy and wanted to cum, but was told no. Then he told me to get on his cock and fuck him and then back to sucking and then again fucking and oh, my Master was so hard and big and both times I had a hard time working my pussy down onto his cock, but it felt sooo good. I love to fuck his really hard cock. Finally, my Master came and then talked a bit more and then the connection was lost somehow. My Master gave me the vibrator and I came about 4 times. mmmmmmmm….very nice evening.

But then I had to ask him about what I was slightly disturbed about. I asked him why he was talking to “Conner” that way, demeaning and humiliating him. (I suspected that he “Conner” liked it, but I wanted to be sure.) He confirmed my thoughts and said that “Conner” enjoyed humiliation and wanted to see his wife fucked by other men. My Master told me that his cock got hard at these kind of statements. Ohhhhh. Ok…well, you see, I can relate there. I also like humiliation, I think. My Master has only used a little with me and actually may not have even known that what he said I took as humiliation and that it turned me on.

So, “Conner” enjoyed humiliation and my Master also said he enjoyed cuckolding. I must look it up. Cuckolding basically just means the wife has sex with other men, but I like this term.

cuckolding princess
A woman who is a cuckoldress and expects more than just another man to have sex with. This woman believes her husband or boyfriend isn’t worthy of her body so she leaves him in the cold while she finds other men to play around with. It’s usually an open relationship where he knows all about her lovers. Her husband or boyfriend might even help her get ready and pay for the date as well while he sits at home alone and waits for her big date to end. He might even watch the outcome or more if the cuckolding princess allows him to.

My Master showed me a couple of pictures of “Callie” and she really has a beautiful body. So, if we met up and played together, it could be very interesting. I will keep you updated. πŸ™‚

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