My first reaction is “ouch”. Okay, my Master has fucked me in the ass several times. I’m always extremely apprehensive about it because, first of all, it hurts. Sometimes it hurts less than others, but it always hurts, period. Usually, once he gets it in and then starts fucking me, it doesn’t hurt at all and, depending on how much I’ve had to drink, it can feel really really good. But, pulling it out hurts, too. And then, I guess because my little asshole has been stretched, it often hurts for a day or so. This could also be painful because we don’t do it that often and we don’t do any assplay in between.

The other thing that worries me is worrying about getting him dirty from my ass. I know that he must not mind too much or he would say or do something. I’ve mentioned before that maybe I should enema, but he doesn’t really respond one way or the other.

My Master has mentioned several times in the past few months that he LOVES ass fucking. I’m perplexed, as usual. Because number one – uh, if he loves it so much, then why doesn’t he do it? Number two – is, uh, yeah, is it number 2? And if so, then he should say something.

There a few things that I have trust issues about. On the one hand, I TRUST that my Master will tell me the truth. But on the other hand, if he is afraid it will hurt my feelings, then I don’t trust that he will tell me the truth. Sorry. it’s true.

On that note, I’m wondering if I should like have a fixed day of the week that I should do an enema in prep for ass fucking? Like maybe every Friday night? But, would that be too much enema? I’ve heard that it is not good for you to do too much. On the other hand, I worry that my Master might then expect that I’m expecting it. Ugh! Unsure what to do!


  1. First I would like to address the most important aspect of this post, the trust issues. Being a loving caring Dominant can pose certain problems. None the less I promote it. A sub is a treasure and a Master’s responsibility. The catch is you can often end up with much less clarity in communication. This is prime example. My sub obviously is under the impression that I would not be honest and forth coming with my views if they might hurt her feeling. This is because I expend a massive amount of energy to protect her feelings, not because I with hold information. However it appears being sweet and caring towards a submissive can at times confuse her. She feels I so nice I must be holding something back. Now lets look at the reality. As she knows I frequently share opinions and information with her that she finds difficult to hear or accept. I do attempt to share such information is a constructive way that limits its possibilities of hurting her feelings while still maximizing its ability to make the desired adjustments in behaviors. Its a considerable amount of effort to say “bad” things in a loving way. The outcome of this efforts seems to be the opinion of the sub that I hold back information.
    I believe that in fact this is a very natural response from a submissive. Often submissive, and people in general, assume that negative criticism will be provided in a harsh way. That it should in fact make them feel bad, admonished or what not. Take an example from work. If you boss has a friendly chat with you, about life or what have you by the coffee pot, in which he mentions that in some way you’re not filing a report correctly people tend to leave the conversation feeling the issue is less serious. However if your boss comes to your desk and reams you over a mistake in your report they have sent a clear message.
    I would seem that with submissive it is sometimes the same way. Providing negative or constructive criticism is a caring manor can be misunderstood. If my sub takes a moment and thinks back, will she recall that I have done very little to protect her feelings in the content of a message but considerable efforts to protect her feelings have been put into the delivery of the content?
    Oh and don’t worry we will get to the ass of this matter shortly as well. Don’t think I’m passing up a conversation about anal sex.

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  3. Now a little less soap box and a little more relating to MY lil one’s concerns. So let’s take it from the top. The first issue is much more complicated that you might think. Of course as a Dominant who has always enjoyed inflicting pain to some degree the knowledge that it hurts shouldn’t be an issue. But I have found that when your submissive is the love of your life inflicting pain is a bit different. I have always attempted to be tempered in the administration of pain. Apply as much as she can take and just a tad more to push a sub. But I have found it a more difficult task when the sub is someone you have such a deep emotional bond with. I wonder if other Master’s have come across this problem. I usually would love that it hurts a bit, the sounds and sensations of a submissive in pain are so thrilling. But with this one it is thrilling while also being concerning to some extent. And as all submissive react differently the anal sex issue is different with my current sub than my past experience. She reacts much more pouty and pitiful to the pain of anal than the pain of a long harsh extended whipping.
    Now the second issue. The “dirty” factor. This is a special sticking point for us as we have long held a slight misunderstanding between us about things that might be messy. I am a complicated person and have reacted with profound displeasure to some messy things. None of which would be involved in our sex life, but I believe the concern she has that I might find something nasty bleeds over into her concerns in bed. An example is lotion. I have her cover her body with lotion after each shower to help protect her skin. However I hate the feeling of lotion, I find it greasy and unpleasant. But it is good for her and as a Master it’s my job to do what’s best for her.
    So let me see if I can clear things up a bit finally. Let’s be real for a moment shall. If you don’t use an enema before anal sex yes things can be slightly messy. In all honesty that has simply never bothered me. As any person with anal sex experience knows that be it a toy or a cock there can be some “dirt” left over after the sex. For some people this can be a problem but I believe that is a matter of personal preference. For me it is simply a non issue.
    Now her next concern seems to be a mix of the first two again. Yes I love it. OMG I love it. So why don’t I do it more? As I have stated previously it’s concern for MY pet. As she reacts to it i such a different way that any other pain I reserve it for special occasions. Many people assume that being the Master one should do what they please at all times. I feel that being the Master implies a level of responsibility. Doing what you please must be tempered with your responsibility for taking care of your submissive. As for the number 2 issue. To be directly clear I don’t give a … well you know.
    And now the IMPORTANT question. What should you do? You should do nothing, that’s my responsibility. As there will be a new schedule dispensed to you this evening you will follow it appropriately. Obviously this is an issue of concern for you so it will be addressed.

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