Day 20 of 30 Days of Submission: Changing Submission

Day 20 – Has your submission increased or decreased over time? Have you ever had to renegotiate your submission due to a change in your feelings or circumstance?

I believe that my submission has definitely changed over time. A lot of things have become habit for me. When something is habit and you do it without thinking, then it becomes a more natural part of your life. The more things you do in this manner, then subsequently makes a submissive acting more submissively. Acting more submissively makes you feel more submissive. See how it works? I have lots of things that I do by habit or almost habit. (making coffee for my Master, in a particular way, every morning and serving it to him in bed, asking my Master to pick out my perfume for the day, always walking on his right side or behind him slightly, asking permission before doing many things). I would like for there to be more and I know that he would like this also. It is often hard to do, though.

There are many times that my Master changes certain rules, due to our life circumstances, but I would not say that I have “renegotiated my submission”. There may have been a couple of circumstances where I had input, such as when I began to have difficulty with him picking my clothes for work, and I expressed that to him and he decided to let me pick clothes for work. I have lots of clothing that doesn’t fit correctly or is not comfortable enough for work and until that is rectified, my Master is fine with me picking my clothes for work.

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  1. Again there are such massive difference between the D/s relationships of youth and adulthood. Life can so often infringe and responsibility has a massive effect. Renegotiating chores, rules and behaviors is simply an aspect of a realistic long term relationship. This is a process all relationships D/s or not must go through in the long term. Renegotiating submission is another matter. However I feel it is to some extent required. In any relationship time dulls the senses to some extent. In a D/s relationship this is more evident. A conscious Master MUST be aware of this. Training a submissive is NEVER done nor should it be. Once you think your finished you inevitably stop paying the attention your submissive requires.

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