Public Displays of Submission

It’s a hard line to draw and to cross. My Master actually engaged me in a few of these early on in our relationship, but we rarely do any of this now. 😦

When we first started dating, we were often in public but not near where I lived. So, making out at in an airport parking lot (more than once, in different airport parking lots! LOL), at scenic overlooks were pretty common for us. One time, in particular, a scene that comes to my mind often, actually, is when we were in a park in the middle of the day and though there wasn’t anyone too close to us at the time, there certainly was view of us and he pulled my shirt up, exposing my boobs. I giggled and quickly pulled my shirt down. He reprimanded me, pulled my shirt up and said, “Mine. And if I want to show them I will!) or something like that. I was so stunned and so incredibly turned on at that moment. I instantly felt my pussy throb and tingle from that act of Dominance.

Mostly nowadays we live so much in the public eye and we are often around one of our kids, so no public displays. I’m sad about that, but also scared to do it. Ahhhhh, that’s why I like a D/s relationship. So I can be PUSHED into doing that kind of thing.


  1. Now this is an interesting post. Once again balancing being a Master who attends the needs and security of you submissive with your own desires can be difficult. Where as I love public displays of affection and of course love showing off not only my pet but my control over, I have to deal with the reality that it is a risk. There there is the issue of the sub herself. She is a tricky little thing. She fusses extensively at my attempts to expose her in public and can be down right unpleasant about it at times. But then again she wonders why I do it less. Well that’s the chink in my armor as a Master. As a Master I subscribe to the idea that it is MY responsibility to attend to and care for my submissive. That creating an environment where she feel safe, protected and secure is not simply my responsibility but a priority. However I have noticed through out years of D/s relationships that this can be a tricky direction to come at this. At times this method interferes with my ability to obtain the things I desire because they might be in direct conflict with what is needed to keep my sub feeling secure. At other times it can make the sub feel as if she has power or as if you have less. And from my experience that never goes well for the emotional dynamic of a D/s relationship.

  2. Another post I can relate to since I am in a LDR…. Making out in airport parking lots is fun. lol
    Have you guys thought of maybe going to a place where such display is encouraged? πŸ™‚

  3. It is supposed to be hard lil ones. That is part of the fun for us. There is always such a wonderful mixture in a submissive. She doesn’t want, she does want. It can lead to bratty behavior but at times that’s a positive thing for us as well. As for public arenas they are a wonderful way to have a fun evening as well as expose your sub in many wonderful ways. The trouble seems to be finding such places that suit your style and comfort level, or rather mine. Of course comfort levels must also be balanced carefully for the submissive. I want her feeling exposed but secure. It is the role of a Master to see to the security and the sense of security of his pets so the bond of trust deepens.

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