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Just askin'

1. We are just a few months into 2014 but I want to know what have you done this year that you have never done before?

Let’s see. We moved twice, so to speak. Just moved again over Christmas. Now we live a few blocks from beach. THAT is exciting!

2. You are going to a deserted island, your only entertainment will be to read. What five (5) books will you take with you?

1. The Bible 2. Nook (assuming this deserted island has electricity – I mean, it could happen, couldn’t it?) lol 3. 4. and 5. would have to be some kind of survival manuals. haha….i like to be prepared.

3. We all change and grow over time (at least you should). What two (2) things do you miss about the old you? Why?

I miss my energy and strength from before my heart issues.

4. How would you define and calculate ‘sexual satisfaction’?

Sexual Satisfaction: The feelings that result from seeing or hearing my Master say that I am a good girl because I have made him orgasm with my body in some way and also, but secondly when i am fucked or i cum.

5. Porn–Has it ever been good for your relationship? Has it ever been bad for your relationship?

I believe that it has always been good. It is a turn on for my Master and for me and has broaden my horizons. I’ve learned so so much. Like I really had not seen any other woman’s pussy up close until I saw porn. I also had never heard a woman orgasm until I saw porn. (and learned to tell what was probably fake. LOL) I never saw a lot of things until porn, actually. 🙂

Bonus: Is there a secret you’d like to share? What is it?

I think I’m somewhat into pussy torture. (gasp!)

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  1. Ok lets see….
    1. Of course we have moved. Alot.
    2. Solaris (Stanislaw Lem), The Mabinogion, Zombie Lover (Piers Anthony), The Color Of Her Panties (Piers Anthony), Memoirs Found In A Bathtub (Stanislaw Lem).
    3. We do change and hopefully grow over time. From my old life I miss traveling and I miss keeping my home dark. (Not a fan of lots of light unless its sunlight.)
    4. Sexual Satisfaction: A feeling of sublime contentment that settles over an individual when the physical act of sex is completed in such a way that it fulfills the deeper mental and emotional desires that drive his or her sexual psyche.
    5. Personally, yep yes indeed. It has helped to enhance on multiple levels.

    6. Hmmmm being raised in a somewhat cold war-esk home, sharing secrets is a big no no. In fact sharing tends to be a big no no. However in my adolescence I learned a pattern of rebellion that is still with me to this day. I am flamboyantly out going with little shame. Much to my wife’s dismay.

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