Bark like a dog?

ThoughtsFromHisSlut tells about barking like a dog. She talks about how she feels stupid but is lost in being his and therefore doing as he requests.

I know exactly how she feels. I HATE it when my Master tells me to bark like a dog. It is soo humiliating. I always feel my face getting red before I even open my mouth. I think the first time he had me to do that, I was a little tipsy, so it didn’t seem that bad, not really. But, my Master likes to tease me. He likes watching me be a little uncomfortable. Maybe it is partly because my face turns so red, so quickly – along with my neck and chest. Of course that also happens when I’m turned on, but that doesn’t mean I like it when he makes me do that. Sometimes I am so into my submission that I will really do just about anything with the right coaxing from my Master. I guess that includes barking like a dog. (pout)

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