Am I a Slacker Slave?

Why do I slack on my chores/rules?

Honestly, I don’t know the answer to that question. Sometimes, I’m just tired. I work and have a long commute so that is my excuse for not blogging every night this week. Not sure if that is a good excuse or not?

On the other hand, maybe it is because I know that I can get away with it. I mean, I want to be extra special and good, but sometimes I’m just not motivated enough to do it. I suspect that my Master actually feels the same way. He would LIKE to enforce the rules, but sometimes maybe he’s just not motivated enough to do it.

I don’t like the thought of being a slacker slave, though. 😦

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  1. The reason is actually very simple but a symptom of a larger issue all D/s couples who live a 24/7 lifestyle must face. You slack because you can. You can because life can be hectic and busy. Often a responsible Master has his hands so full with life chores he neglects to expediently enforce rules.

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