Domestic Servitude


According to wikipedia -“In BDSM, servitude refers to performing personal tasks for their dominant partner, as part of their submissive role in a BDSM relationship.
In domestic servitude roles, the submissive can receive pleasure and satisfaction from performing personal services for their dominant, such as serving as a butler, waitress, chauffeur, maid or houseboy.”

Am I into Domestic Servitude? Yes, I think I am. I do like to serve in this way and it makes me feel good. Playing the part of waitress or maid would serve two purposes in my opinion. First the purpose of pleasing the Master, and fulfilling the need to serve by the submissive. Secondly, the purpose of keeping the house clean and meals prepared. Unfortunately, I cannot do a very good job of this at all because I also work a full time job and my energy levels are kind of low. I hate that. I really wish I could take part in this more. 😦 Also, it is way more fulfilling for me to be “made” to do these things, rather than just knowing that I should do these things.

Because of the stress of life, my Master has suggested that we take on a third person – another submissive who has this as a main kink and to become part of our household. He has always talked of having a second submissive. I have always been jealous of this except that if it were someone who really and truly enjoyed being with us both and could be a very good companion, it might be a real enhancement to our relationship. In our case, since I work full time, the second submissive would have the full time job of housekeeping and serving meals. And then also be submissive to my Master, but not to me. We’ll see what the future may bring.

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  1. Domestic Servitude. There is an interesting topic. As someone who was single later than most domestic work was something I was used to. From time to time I had a domestic servant but generally these chores fell to me. Once I married my submissive and had extensively more responsibilities I realized this was a problem. With life work and what not it is a struggle to take care of the home, the laundry, the meals make time to enrich our D/s relationship and simply enjoy life. It is a revolving cycle of what gets dropped today or this week. Yes we certainly do want a domestic submissive. For practical reasons as well as the obvious. Someone who could focus on these aspects of life would allow all of us to open up more time free of demands and stress. But there is actually a great deal more to it. There are so many reasons to consider a poly home. The distribution of responsibility is certainly one. Life is hard, there is a lot to do day in and day out. The freedom that youth provides maturity tends to take away in modern life. A village, a group that works together to support the whole covers more ground while allowing everyone more time and less stress. Humans have always lived in groups, we are pack animals without question. But deeper than that are more interesting reasons. The D/s life is still socially less acceptable than most lifestyles. Especially if you toss in any form of alternative sexuality. The fact alone that its an “alternative” life style or sexuality shows its place on the fringe of social acceptability. But for women it is far worse. A dominant man in our society is in essence a man by the standards of our social expectations. Not that I agree with gender identifications when it comes to these things but that’s just how our society is. But for women it is a much deeper and more difficult channel to navigate. A woman has so many different expectations leveled against her and lets face it, submissive women are simply viewed with disdain by modern hypocritical measures. Somehow its become an affront to women in general is a woman is in anyway submissive. This simply isn’t something a Dominant male ever has to deal with. Then again women are far more social creatures than men. Their peer group and interactions, the support of other women is deeply valuable. Ask any submissive woman and they will tell you on of there biggest issues is that they have to lead a double life which leaves them disconnected from their female friends. A poly home solves this issue by giving all submissive women in the home someone they don’t have to relate to in this burdened and secretive way. But then again I could go on about this all day and this is a post about domestic servitude so I should save my “it takes a village” speech for later. However it does to some extent relate. Look at the historic structure of a home. In times past, and not too long ago a home was not simply a man and a woman. It was typically multi generational. In may cultures around the world it still is. There were multiple adults in a home and responsibility was distributed. A mother in law lets say would attend more domestic chores or child rearing while others work. It is only in more modern accelerated lives that the massive burden of life work children and chores has fallen to only two people in a home. And with the changes in society that have made it impossible for women (or men) to stay at home while another worked outside the home these basic life duties have become a growing consternation. Domestic chores have become a source of stress and struggle in relationship as well as on personal levels. Sadly things have changed for women far quicker than men. A woman is expected to work, to assume the responsibilities identical to a man while socially a man has not actually been expected to do the same for his female counterpart. A working woman is still expected to raise children clean house cook do laundry and more while a working man in our society still has the luxury of classic (and way out dated) ideas that hes done his day of work the rest is her job. Now we can again go on all day about those social issues but the focus here is supposed to be domestic servitude. I do enjoy putting my lil one to work around the house. It is a form of control and domination and lets face it, women do actually look sexy in an apron. But in reality if a Dominant wants to have time to enjoy his sub sexually and on a friendly and romantic level, if he wants her to have the energy to give him that mind blowing sex he loves, then he damn well better realize he needs to do some dishes to.

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