Auctioned for Charity?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be auctioned off? I’ve read some stories that sounded very interesting. The women are silent and naked and chained and on stage for display, while buyers peruse the merchandise, commenting, maybe touching, maybe not. Later, each woman is displayed one at a time for the actual auction. Their bios are read and then they are auctioned to the highest bidder.

I would be scared to death in reality. However, if my Master were in charge and it was only temporary, I would comply – only because I know that he would have checked it all out beforehand and stipulated that no real harm would come to me. It would be hard in reality to ensure that among strangers.

If it were a safe environment, then being auctioned like that would be so humiliating. I’m sure that I would feel immensely submissive because of the complete lack of control and being seen as an object of merchandise.

What do you think?


  1. I am a bit of a hypocrite on this issue I suppose. But at least I know myself and am up front about it. I would not in fact place my pet up for auction for a night. I believe it is the complete responsibility of a Master to provide for the safety of his submissive. Were I able to be present, to observe and insure the safety of my submissive that would be one thing. But she does not go anywhere I do not. A Master should temper his use humiliation and control of his submissive with his responsibility to keep her safe. Sending your submissive off where you have no idea what will or will not happen to her is completely irresponsible. The process of an auction, the display of your submissive and the ability for others to examine them is a wonderful process that can easily be achieved in other ways that insure the security of the submissive. The hypocrisy is that I have in fact attended such an auction and purchased a submissive for an evening. But like my submissive always says, I know me and what I will do its everyone else who worries me.

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