Alphabet Challenge

I was reading a post from KINKANDPOLY about an alphabet challenge. I thought it might be exciting to ask my Master to do something similar.

How about this for an alphabet challenge:
Post a sexy picture representing each letter of the alphabet in some way. (For me, I’m thinking indoor pics unlike the one above which was outdoors.) What do you all think? 😉

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  1. I think this could be fun, if it was handled in a way that didn’t interfere with other normal activities. The trouble with these types of games is that my lil girl had difficulty keeping it simple. I often have that same problem but I try to remind myself of a computer programming challenge I once agreed to. The challenge was to make a flash film. No big deal right? In less than 30 minutes and do one a day for a week. Less than 30 minutes??? What about this, or that or the million and a half ways I could tweak this just a bit and actually end up spending three days doing one film??? But that was the whole point to the exercise, not to make a good flash movie, but to make a fast one, to learn to let go of the fine tooth comb and just produce. So I would say I would love to give something like this a go, with the clause of a time limit applied to each shot.

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