Living D/s 24/7 vs. Living D/s 24/7 and Living Together

Do you practice D/s? Do you practice it 24/7? Do you live together and practice D/s 24/7?

Practicing D/s – These are the people who are intrigued by Shades of Grey. These people date people who are also into D/s and they “play” on their dates. How often? Many times I hear of a D/s relationship where they may get together once a month or even less. Been there. Done that. (I, however, couldn’t wait for more!)

Practicing D/s 24/7 – I see this taking 2 major forms. One is as the phrase dictates, but not necessarily living together. For example, if a Dom requires his sub to perform rules and duties outside of the date, continually 24/7, then I would consider it a 24/7 relationship. Been there. Done that. (I, however, couldn’t wait for more!)

Living together and living D/s 24/7 – This is where the Dom and sub live together, married or not, but live together 24/7, have real lives that must be intertwined together and yet, still strive for the 24/7 Dom/sub relationship. I’m there! Doing that! (But it is harder than it seems.)


  1. It is actually much more difficult to live a D/s relationship 24/7, while living together, than most people would like to believe. The reality of it tends to be far less flashy than people would like. But let’s be realistic. No one can raise kids, shop, cook, clean, pay the bills and go to work while being tied up and screwed 24/7. In order to make a relationship like this actually work it requires enormous dedication to detail and a long list of smaller daily events to express the D/s aspect of the relationship rather than the big flashy scenes everyone loves so much. On a date night you set the real world aside and focus on the event ahead. It’s like a mini vacation. But in your everyday life, unless you are wealthy, everyday life gets in the way. Often people find themselves disappointed after moving in together because of this. It can be. But if you are serious and devote yourself to the little ways you can enjoy D/s through out each and ever day between your date nights then it can be much more fulfilling.

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