My dirty little secret

I enjoyed this post a lot and it makes me think of a post that I want to write.


Thought I’d share this as it related so well to many of the questions asked here, and it’s so well written!

My dirty little secret.

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  1. This is a point I wish more people would discuss openly. I feel that the reality of everyday life has a big impact on a D/s relationship that is often unexpected and even disappointing to people that this simply never occurred to. People picture the big elaborate scenes they read about, or even experience and think “Oh hell yes I can do that 24/7!” but they seem to forget two very simple things. First all people, Dom and sub alike are actually people. They have good days, busy days, bad days and sometimes just bla days. And second, uhm someone has to go to the grocery, the PTA meeting, work and so on. A true D/s relationship is much more in the details especially if it is a 24/7 live in relationship. The big scenes are awesome, but they are the special moments. You have to find a consistent and long list of little ways to wrap into your normal life the D/s flavor. And honestly that is a lot of work. Sometimes it will go well and other times it wont. There seems to be this false idea that a 24/7 D/s relationship is somehow perfect, that Dom’s don’t make mistakes and once you just find a Master everything will run like clockwork. I agree to some extent that the right match of Dom and sub can be like clockwork, but it’s a coo coo clock most of the time.

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