Our New Girlfriend (part 4)

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Our new girlfriend came in on a Friday. We introduced her to the dog and surprisingly, it went well. Then we hung out at home the rest of the evening. She is a Disney fanatic, so we watched Frozen. It was good. Other than Disney, though, she doesn’t like to watch movies. Not good at all because my Master is a movie buff. One of our favorite things to do is cuddle up and watch movies. 😒 So as the evening progressed we drank a little and then moved to the bedroom. Master did fuck her this time, but she still never ate my pussy. In bed, she is just not that good in bed. I say this because once she sarts getting excited, she just lays there. She does moan and you can tell she likes it, but she appears incapacitated especially after she cums. Needless to say, I find that a bit disappointing. But we still had fun sex all in all for most of the night. We slept with Master in the middle of our king sized bed. 🙂 The next day, I had a work thing and so my Master and our new gf were going to spend some quality time together. (Not sex wise, however. My Master says that he would not have sex without me, but still, I was a bit jealous. ) I was gone for about 3-4 hours. When I got back, gf proceeded to tell me how they chatted and then fell asleep in each other’s arms. 😳. On the one hand, that drove me insane with jealousy. On the other hand. I knew that the intimacy level did not seem to be at that stage yet. So I was therefore thinking like, really, are you trying to make me jealous or just trying to show that you fit in here.

That night we had reservations for dinner and a Belly Dance Show. I was excited to go to this and since it was in the next town, I was fairly reassured that we could go as a threesome undetected by people we might know from work. It was a fun evening. I enjoyed going out as a threesome. It was fun. Master thought us girls should both sit in back together and I didn’t like that. I didn’t like NOT sitting next to him in front. By this point, I really couldn’t think of much conversation with the gf. I literally had run out of common topics. I was still having fun, but also realizing that I had less and less in common with her. My Master did a wonderful job of paying attention to both of us. I did not at all feel jealous when we were out, and I could tell she thoroughly enjoyed Master’s attentions. That night we drank a little and headed to the bedroom. I was tired, somewhat tired of the gf too. I felt bad about that but it was hard to jump right into a weekend of her after so little time in person versus calling and texting. And honestly, all of a sudden that night I was suddenly unattractd to her. I felt so bad, but I couldn’t help it. The next day it really began to get on my nerves that she literally ate NOTHING! The entire weekend she ate like 1 carrot and a handful of wheat thins and a poptart. Seriously???? Anyway I was ready for her to leave. We decided to nap and Master had us both suck and lick his cock and then he fucked us both. Of course I enjoyed being fucked by Master but I was silently pleading for him NOT to make me eat her pussy. I felt bad that I felt that way but I had just gotten turned off and I couldnt get turned back on.

Gf finally headed home that afternoon and Master and I could talk. Turns out he, too, was ready for her to leave. Not sure if this threesome was going to last…


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