Being Used

I just read a post that I tried and tried to repost but it wouldn’t let me! It was a description of a slave being used by her Master.

This was a turn on- big time! I know the feeling of not being turned on initially but being used by my Master. This doesn’t happen much to me but oh how I wish to be used that way. Because as you realize you are serving and that your Master WANTS to use YOU, and then you see that he is needing and craving and so aroused by USING you, then you are suddenly hot and wet! Mmmmmm the ache right now!


  1. I feel uneasy about D/s as a lifestyle. But the idea that someone would be prepared, even happy, to service (forgive me – it’s not judgemental but the word “serve” just doesn’t sit well with me) my needs, my desires, without bring in the mood, but enjoying the serving, and ultimately sharing the need and desire … I need a little more of that in my (sex) life.

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