Thank-you WildWestAngel for your post – Small Talk

Please read the following post:

Wildwestangel, Thank-you for your post!  I had to address this with a post of my own,  because so much of it sounds EXACTLY like me.  In fact, my Master and I have had recent discussions about my need for friendship.  Ugh!

Coincidentally, I am also a strong professional woman.  I’m not all that assertive, but I do have two assistants, so I am definitely an order giver to an extent, when at work, but have to change that mode when I get home.

You mentioned that you called one of your subbie friends.  Well, I don’t have any subbie friends.  I’ve craved having a friend that I could talk openly with about my life.  My Master has encouraged to me to get online and search around and that is some of the reason that I started this blog long ago.  I don’t have really close vanilla friends, either.  I keep telling my Master that I really don’t have time for friends.  And it is true.  I’m not a good friend.  L  I want to be.  But I fail.

Opportunities arise all the time from other vanilla women, mostly work or old friends – Let’s get together.  Let’s talk on the phone.  Wait, talk on the phone? I hate to talk on the phone.  I know.  I’m not normal   I don’t have time for that!  Especially if we are not going to talk about BDSM at all.   !  I am so happy that texting is considered ok etiquette now because that is the way I prefer to talk- quickly, to the point, and if I don’t text back for awhile it is because I got busy and I’ll get back to you when I can, ok?

Maybe it is because it is hard to have an honest, true, sharing relationship with someone who is vanilla, because you are NOT sharing SO much.  I mean, my BDSM is a huge part, the driving part, of my life.  How can I feel like sharing about the mundane things when I REALLY want to talk about the BDSM aspect.   I enjoy WordPress and other blogs, because even though I have not developed any subbie friends as of yet, I still feel that I connect when I’m able to read and relate to other’s posts.  So, thank-you, Wildwestangel!  J


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