My Master’s Bath

As soon as my Master informed me that he wanted me to bathe him, I was super excited!  First, I quickly ran to my computer to look up any sexy tips on giving a man a bath.  I read a few pages worth of google results and then started to assemble my tools.  But, first, I needed a refill on my eggnog!  Hee hee, this was going to be so fun!

Now, we don’t have a large bathroom.  In fact, it is smaller than our previous bathroom, but it has a tub in it, which we hadn’t had.  My intent was to turn our little bathroom into a serenity spa to induce relaxation and comfort, with hopefully a “happy ending”.  😉

My tools –

  • Iphone dock with speakers
  • Iphone with Pandora app
  • Incense
  • Multiple candles
  • Lighter
  • 2 towels
  • Washcloth
  • Scented bath/shampoo wash (Old Spice)
  • Bubble bath – unscented
  • Small bowl with 2 TB olive oil
  • Cup
  • Glass of rum for Master
  • His robe
  • Black negligée and black thongs
  • My robe

Ok, tools collected.  Now to prepare the bathroom. My bathroom was already sparkling clean, so on for decorating.   I turned on the heat, plugged in the iphone speaker dock, and arranged the tea light candles.  The tub has crevices for shampoos and the like, so I put one in each of the crevices – 6.  Then I placed a decorative plate onto the toilet seat with 9 little candles around and a large candle in the middle.  I then laid out the washcloth and put the towels in the microwave for 1 minute.  I got my bowl of oil and put it beside the tub.  I hung his robe on the hook and then poured him a glass of rum which I put on the sink.  I turned the Pandora station to Love Songs and muted it for now.  Then I dressed into my sexy black negligee and black thongs and put on my robe.  I started running the bath and put in the bubbles.  Then I lit the incense stick and lit all the candles -16 in all, and turned out the lights – PERFECT!  Damn!  I should have taken a pic! Ok, next time. Then I went to the bedroom and asked my Master if he was ready for me to bathe him.  (Mind you, I would NOT be joining him in the bath.  I had bathed earlier and this was all about him.)  He said he was.  I downed the rest of my third glass of eggnog and rum, and so it began!

First I removed my robe, displaying my sexy self to him.  He smiled in appreciation.  I then removed all of his clothing and handed him his robe to put on.  (Now that I think about it, I should have walked behind him and put it on for him.  Ok, next time.) Then I led him into the bathroom where I unmuted the love songs station and took his robe and hung it up.  He stepped in and I asked him how the water was.  He said fine and I continued to let the water run in, while he sunk into the bath, reclining back, and then I handed him his rum.  I knelt beside the tub and began to slowly squeeze the water from the washcloth lovingly over his body to wet him all down.  I turned off the water and asked him to sit up first, so I could wash his hair.  I wet his hair and then soaped his scalp and massaged his scalp slowly and gently.  Then I rinsed and gave him a warm wet towel around his head and neck and he reclined back again.  Next, on to his beard.  I LOVE his beard.  I love facial hair on a guy.  After rinsing, I started on the rest of him, soaping up every gorgeous part of him and rinsing him off, while he just relaxed and sipped his rum. It was sooo incredibly romantic as I listened to the love songs and gazed into his eyes.  He gazed back and I thought how much I loved him so.   I soaped and washed his cock and ass next and then I leaned over and sucked his cock a bit.  Then I asked him if I could massage his feet.  He said yes and so, one at a time, I took his feet and massaged olive oil into them all around his toes, balls of his feet and heels and I really tried to concentrate on massaging his arches.  I think he enjoyed himself.  I then sucked some more on his cock, but he wanted to get out and go to the bedroom first, so I dried him off thoroughly with the other warm, dry towel and then he put his robe on and we went to the bedroom.  I got up on the bed, kneeling between his legs and sucked and licked and fondled his cock until he rewarded me finally with sweet cum. MMmmmmmmm!!!!

One awesome, romantic evening, indeed!


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