Feeling Used.  Feeling Good.  Details from Last Night –

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One of the kinks that Master likes and I’ve also come to like, is dirty talking with others.  My Master enjoys other women.  I think I’ve posted about that before.  We are poly, but that means so many different things to different people.  So here is what transpired last night.

We were sitting on our bed, each on our own laptops and phones.  LOL.  But we are more together than you think.  We talk to each other and text and show each other things on our phones and laptops all the time.  And we know what each other is doing.  We share.  We also share my Master’s enjoyment of another woman.  I start to get up from the bed and I say that I guess I should get ready for bed.  Honestly, I should have said, “May I get ready for bed?”  But also, he probably should enforce that.  He said that he met a woman online who is interested in listening to us have sex and talking while we do, and so he wanted to have his cock sucked while he talked to the woman.  Her name was Marcella.  Oooooo….I suddenly got very excited. I love it when he uses me like that.  It is a real turn on.  I love being involved in this scenario.  So, I ask him if I can have a few minutes to get ready.  And he says yes.  So, I get ready for bed and then come back to the bedroom and start to undress.  He has already undressed and is texting, I assume, to Marcella.  As I get into bed, he calls Marcella.  He starts chatting with her a bit and then tells me to get down between his legs and start sucking his cock.  I readily comply because I really am a cock whore.  I LOVE to suck cock.  My Master tells me that I am the best all the time and this, of course, makes me proud and also makes me want to do it more.  I have to keep on top of my game, after all!  He talks to her and finds out that she is submissive switch and has been in a Dom/sub relationship, but is currently single.  He tells her about me that I am a good submissive, that I am shy and that I’m a wonderful cock sucker and brags about me a bit.  He has me to lick his cock and suck his balls and as he gets more and more turned on, he gets more and more forceful and talks more and more dirty and the whole things is just turning me on more and more.  He asks me questions such as, “Do you like it that Marcella is getting my cock hard?”  and makes me answer yes, so that Marcella can hear.  He makes me say TY to Marcella over and over throughout the play.  Then he tells me to turn my ass toward him while I’m sucking his cock so that he can spank me.  He tells Marcella how much he likes her cute little voice and that it makes him hard.  He spanks me a couple swats and tells me that Marcella is gasping each time I get smacked and he likes that.  He asks Marcella if she wants him to spank me more and I assume she says yes, because he then starts swatting me more and more and telling me that he is spanking me because Marcella wants it.  In these situations, I am the bottom.  He reminds me of this.  He asks me if I understand.  I say yes.  I’m so torn up at this point that I really will submit to anything, I think.  He tells me to straddle his chest, 69-style so he can see my little asshole.  Then he starts to rub his finger in circles around my asshole with a wet finger and telling Marcella that he will finger that ass for her if she wants and maybe she wants him to fuck me in the ass.  I’m dying I’m so horny.  I’m rubbing my pussy on his chest and playing with his balls and getting my ass fingered and my shyness has all but disappeared.  He says that’s it, you are going to get fucked in the ass.  Then he gets up, laying the phone on the bed while he gets lube.  He tells me to lay down and I lay face down on the bed. The phone is near my head.  He pours some lube on, and starts to enter me…..oh, the burn!  I’m half crying, half moaning, half sucking in my breath because it hurts.  He is gentle and goes in slow, but damn it hurts.  But it hurts good.  As he gets all the way in, I feel his cock and balls pulsing wildly.  I’m thinking he is ready to cum.  Then he starts fucking me, talking to me and Marcella and telling me to make him cum.  Come on, he says, you can take it for me, can’t you, slut?  Oh, yes, Sir,  I can.  He fucks me and fucks me while I whine and moan and finally he lets his load go.  I love hearing him cum as he grunts and talks.  He does not cum quickly.  I mean when he cums, he does not usually cum for a mere 3 or 4 seconds.  The release of his cum just seems to go on and on.  I love it.  So, his final thrusts and grunts go on over and over.  OH, I really, really love it.  Then I feel proud because he always tells me what a good, good girl I am.  He kisses the back of neck and my shoulders and my tattoo between my shoulder blades.  Then he talks to Marcella for a minute, telling her how much he enjoyed talking with her, asking if she enjoyed it, and telling her to text anytime.  After he hangs up, he again tells me how hot he was for me and how good it was.  I’m so happy.  He pulls out, which I HATE!  As he cleans himself off, I ask if I can have the vibrator.  He says yes. I put the vibrator on my clit and he sucks my nipples and slaps my tits and bites me and talks to me, telling me to cum for him.  My asshole is sore and burning, still, and that makes my clit even more sensitive. I am so turned on that I cum so fast and hard that I scream and my left hamstring cramps up.  LOL  ohhhh that hurt.  And then we both laugh.  And then I start again. And he starts again, holding my neck, mmmm, and smacking me here and there, telling me to cum for him.  After a few minutes, (or several, who’s counting, it feels so good!), I finally cum again really hard, really good, panting, and spent.  Mmmmmmmm…..we cuddle and then go to sleep.  Awesome evening!

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