:: Sacred Space

We soooo the fuck need this…..but we will have to be extremely creative as we have a tiny bedroom. Wheels are turning, though. TY


Having a place dedicated to yourselves is important. It may not be a room, or a dungeon – but if you create a space that is conducive it will enable your union to continue to deepen.

large We can’t all have this room, but there is a lot that we can do.

Many people use their bedroom – and that’s perfectly okay. But look around. Is it cluttered with dirty laundry? Are there stacks of daily life around? Reclaim the space as your own.

You can use furniture, wall hangings, colors, fabrics, ritual objects, candles, lighting, fragrance. It’s worth investing in a little here and there.

tumblr_n88ipihQ0E1tfdy4uo1_500 Repurpose a large ottoman or coffee table.

You may not be able to afford some of the furniture you want yet – but you can do a lot with a dining room chair or a weight bench. An ottoman is a simple, functional, and comfortable…

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