30 Days of Kink (Second Time Around): Day 2: List your kinks

Back in 2011, I wrote my kinks as 24/7 (Total Power Exchange), Anal Sex, analsex,Asphyxiaphilia (Breath Play),Biting, Blindfold,Blindfolds,Bondage,Branding (Permanent marks),Breast/Nipple Torture, Candle Wax, Clamps,Collar and Lead/Leash,Confinement/Caging,Depilation/Shaving, Dildo, Dildos (Handheld & Strap-ons),Discipline, etc.,Exhibitionism/Sex In Public, Fire Play, Hair Pulling,Handcuffs/Shackles,Humiliation,Master/slave,Master/slave (BDSM), Mutual Masturbation,Nipples, Oral Sex, Pain,Pantyhose/Stockings, Piercings,Pinching, Power Exchange, Role Playing, Sadism,Sexuality,Spanking/Paddling, Talking Dirty, The Rack/Medieval Devices,Urolagnia,Urolagnia (Water Sports/Urine),Voyeurism

I decided this time (2015), that I wanted to elaborate more on the list.  Because some of the things that I have listed, I actually have never experienced, but think I would like to.  I found a checklist on a site called, Kink Talk.  Chloe posted a list for others to use.  http://www.kinktalk.com/talk/showthread.php?t=542   TY Chloe.

The Almost Perfect Male Dom/Female Sub Checklist!

Limit: means that the activity is a hard limit and that the sub will NEVER do that activity under any circumstances ever.
Soft limit: means that the sub has great reticence towards that activity. Those can be due to either a VERY strong dislike, fear or disdain for that activity in general but that it is not impossible to negotiate them under some special circumstances.
Dislike: means that the sub doesn’t like the activity but would not object if ordered to.
Hmm…: means that the sub has no (or very little) experience with the activity and that she is not really curious about it either.
Curious: means that the sub has no (or very little) experience with the activity but that she finds the idea interesting.
Desire: means that the sub has little or no experience with the activity but greatly wants to try it.
Okay: means that the sub has no problem with the activity but it has no special appeal to her.
Like: means that the sub likes the activity at least on an occasional basis.
Love: means that the activity figures among the sub’s favorites.
I need to add, here, that I put down love on things that I know my Master loves, even if I don’t love the activity, I love what it does – either turning him on, or me, unwillingly being turned on. 
Abrasion: desire
Aftercare: love
Age play: likes
Anal beads: curious
Anal sex: love
Appearance modification: curious
Armbinders: curious
Armpit sex: okay
Ass cheek sex: love
Ass worship: like
Bare bottom spanking: love
Bare-handed spanking: love
Bastinado: limit
Bathroom use control: desire
Begging: love
Behavior modification: love
Belt spanking: love
Ben Wa balls: curious
Bestiality: limit
Beating (soft): love
Beating (hard): curious
Biting: love
Blackmail (play): curious
Blindfolds: love
Blow job: love
Body paint: curious
Body worship: curious
Bondage (light): love
Bondage (heavy): curious
Bondage (public, under clothes): curious
Boot blacking: curious
Boot worship: curious
Boss/secretary roleplay: curious
Branding (temporary): curious
Branding (permanent): curious
Breast bondage: curious
Breast fucking: love
Breast play/torture: love
Breast spanking: love
Breath play: love
Brother/sister roleplay: okay
Bruises: love
Butt plugs (small): love
Butt plugs (large): curious
Butt plugs (public, under clothes): curious
Cages: curious
Caning: curious
Catheterization: soft limit
Cattle prod: curious
Chains: curious
Chakra energy play:curious
Chamber-pot use: okay
Chastity belt: okay
Chauffeuring: okay
Chemical play: curious
Cigarette torture: okay
Clit torture: curious
Closet (locked inside of): curious
Clothespins: love
Cock worship: love
Collars (worn in private): love
Collars (worn in public): curious
Consensual non-consent: love
Contracts: okay
Corner time: love
Corsets: curious
Crawling: love
Creampie: okay
Cross-dressing: okay
Cuddling: love
Cunnilingus: love
Cutting: curious
Daddy/daughter roleplay: love
Deep throating: curious
Degradation: love
Denim/Jeans clothing: love
Diapers (wearing): limit
Diapers (wetting): limit
Diapers (soiling): limit
Dilation (anal): okay
Dilation (vaginal): okay
Dildos (penetration): love
Dildos (sucking on): okay
Discipline: love
Doctor/nurse roleplay: curious
Domestic service: love
Double penetration (oral/anal): curious
Double penetration (oral/vaginal): curious
Double penetration (vaginal/anal): curious
Douching: curious
Duct tape: curious
Ear plugs: curious
Enemas: curious
Erotic dance: curious
Examinations: curious
Exhibitionism (private):love
Exhibitionism (public): curious
Eye contact restriction: curious
Face farting: limit
Face fucking (forced blow job): love
Face slapping: love
Fantasy abandonment: soft limit
Fantasy rape: curious
Fear (being scared): love
Figging: curious
Fingering: love
Fire play: love
Fisting (anal):limit
Fisting (vaginal): limit
Flogging: curious
Food control: love
Food play: okay
Foot worship: okay
Forced bedwetting:okay
Forced exercise: love
Forced homosexuality: love
Forced masturbation: love
Forced nudity (private): love
Forced nudity (around others): love
Forced orgasms: love
Forced smoking: soft limit
Forced weight gain: limit
Forced weight loss: love
Gags (ball): curious
Gags (cloth): curious
Gags (inflatable):curious
Gags (panties): curious
Gags (phallic): curious
Gags (ring): curious
Gags (tape): curious
Gang bang (fantasy):curious
Gang bang (real): curious
Gas masks: soft limit
Genital bondage: curious
Genital sex: love
Given away to another Dom (temporary):curious
Given away to another Dom (permanent): limit
Gun play:limit

Hair bondage: okay
Hairbrush spanking: love
Hair pulling: love
Handcuffs (leather):curious
Handcuffs (metal): curious
Handcuffs (rope): love
Hand job (giving): love
Hand job (receiving): love
Harems (serving with other subs):love
Harnessing (leather): curious
Harnessing (rope): curious
Having clothes chosen for: love
Head harness: okay
High heels (wearing):love
Homework Assignments: love
Hoods: curious
Hot oils (on genitals): curious
Hot wax: love
Humiliation (private): love
Humiliation (public): curious
Hypnotism : curious
Ice cubes : curious
Impregnation (fantasy) :limit
Impregnation (real) : limit
Interrogation : curious
Japanese rope bondage :curious
Kidnapping fantasy : okay
Kissing: love
Kneeling : love
Knife play: love
Lactation: okay
Latex clothing: okay
Leashes: love
Leather clothing: okay
Lectures for misbehavior: love
Lingerie (wearing): love
Manicure (giving): love
Massage (giving): love
Massage (receiving): limit
Medical play: curious
Menstruation sex: okay
Mental bondage: curious
Mind control: curious
Mind fucks: curious
Modeling for erotic photos:love
Mouth bits: soft limit
Mouth soaping: curious
Multiple orgasms: love
Mummification: soft limit
Mutual masturbation: love
Name change (fantasy): love
Name change (legal): love
Needles: curious
Nipple play/torture:love
Nipple weights: love
Nylon clothing: love
Orgasm control: love
Orgasm denial: okay
OTK spanking: love
Outdoor scenes: love
Outdoor sex: love
Paddles (leather):love
Paddles (wood): love
Pantyhose/stockings (wearing):love
Pet play: love
Phone sex (serving Dom): okay
Phone sex (serving other Doms):okay
Phone sex (professionally): okay
Piercings: love
Pinching: love
Plastic surgery:okay
Police/prisoner roleplay: curious
Posture training: curious
Priest/nun roleplay: limit
Prostitution (fantasy): curious
Prostitution (real): soft limit
Punishment (play a.k.a. “funishment”): love
Punishment (real): love
Pussy spanking: love
Pussy/crotch torture: love
Remote control devices: curious
Restraints (ankles): love
Restraints (knees): curious
Restraints combinations (wrists to waist, etc.):love
Restrictive rules on behavior: love
Riding crops: curious
Rimming (giving): love
Rimming (receiving): love
Rituals: love
Rough sex: love
Saran wrapping: soft limit
Scarification: limit
Scat: limit
Scent play (aromas):love
Scratching: soft limit
Serving as furniture: curious
Serving as toilet (urine): soft limit
Serving as toilet (feces): limit
Serving as waitress: love
Serving other Doms (supervised):curious
Serving other Doms (unsupervised): limit
Sexual deprivation (short term): okay
Sexual deprivation (long term): limit
Shaving (body hair): love
Shaving (genitals): love
Shaving (head): soft limit
Skinny-dipping: love
Skirts (wearing): love
Sleep assault: love
Sleep deprivation: limit
Sleepsacks/body bags:curious
Slutty clothing (private): love
Slutty clothing (public): curious
Spandex clothing: okay
Speculums (anal): okay
Speculums (vaginal): okay
Speech restrictions: love
Spitting: okay
Spreader bars: curious
Staples: curious
Straight jackets: curious
Suction cups: curious
Suspension (vertical):curious
Suspension (inverted): curious
Suspension (horizontal): curious
Swallowing (semen): love
Swallowing (urine): okay
Swallowing (feces): limit
Swapping (with another couple):love
Swinging (multiple couples): love
Switching: limit
Tampon training (in ass): limit
Tasting own cum: love
Tattoos: love
Teacher/student roleplay: love
Tears (crying): love
Teasing: love
TENS unit: curious
Threesomes (FFM): love
Threesomes (FMM): love
Thumbcuffs: curious
Tickling: limit
Triple penetration: curious
Urethral fucking: limit
Urethral sounds: limit
Verbal humiliation: love
Vibrators (on genitals): love
Vibrators (penetration): love
Videos (being recorded): love
Violet Wand: curious
Vomitting: soft limit
Voyeurism: curious
Waterbondage: curious
Watersports: love
Water torture: curious
Waxing (hair removal):curious
Wearing body fluids: lovwe
Wearing symbolic jewelry: love
Whipping: love
Wrestling: okay
Zapping (electric fly swatters): curious

I’m anxious to see what my Master thinks about my responses to my list.  And BTW, I’ve gotten hot while going down this list.  pant-pant 😉


  1. Alright I have gone through this list and done a version of my own to compare notes from my point of view.

    Abrasion: likes
    Aftercare: love
    Age play: loves
    Anal beads: loves
    Anal sex: love
    Appearance modification: likes
    Armbinders: likes
    Armpit sex: Hmm
    Ass cheek sex: love
    Ass worship: like
    Bare bottom spanking: love
    Bare-handed spanking: love
    Bastinado: limit
    Bathroom use control: love
    Begging: love!!!
    Behavior modification: love !!!
    Belt spanking: love !!!
    Ben Wa balls: like
    Bestiality: like
    Beating (soft): love
    Beating (hard): love
    Biting: like
    Blackmail (play): love
    Blindfolds: love
    Blow job: love
    Body paint: okay
    Body worship: like
    Bondage (light): love
    Bondage (heavy): love
    Bondage (public, under clothes): love

    Boot blacking: curious
    Boot worship: curious
    Boss/secretary roleplay: like
    Branding (temporary): okay
    Branding (permanent): dislike
    Breast bondage: love
    Breast fucking: love
    Breast play/torture: love
    Breast spanking: love
    Breath play: love
    Brother/sister roleplay: limit
    Bruises: love
    Butt plugs (small): love
    Butt plugs (large): okay
    Butt plugs (public, under clothes): like
    Cages: like
    Caning: love
    Catheterization: hard limit
    Cattle prod: okay
    Chains: like
    Chakra energy play:Hmm
    Chamber-pot use: limit
    Chastity belt: okay
    Chauffeuring: okay

    Chemical play: curious
    Cigarette torture: limit
    Clit torture: like
    Closet (locked inside of): like
    Clothespins: love
    Cock worship: love
    Collars (worn in private): love
    Collars (worn in public): love
    Consensual non-consent: love
    Contracts: okay
    Corner time: love
    Corsets: love
    Crawling: love
    Creampie: okay
    Cross-dressing: limit
    Cuddling: love
    Cunnilingus: love
    Cutting: okay
    Daddy/daughter roleplay: love !!!
    Deep throating: love
    Degradation: love !!!
    Denim/Jeans clothing: love !!!
    Diapers (wearing): hard limit
    Diapers (wetting): hard limit
    Diapers (soiling): hard limit
    Dilation (anal): hmm
    Dilation (vaginal): hmm
    Dildos (penetration): love !!!
    Dildos (sucking on): okay
    Discipline: love !!!
    Doctor/nurse roleplay: like
    Domestic service: love
    Double penetration (oral/anal): love
    Double penetration (oral/vaginal): love
    Double penetration (vaginal/anal): love
    Douching: okay
    Duct tape: okay
    Ear plugs: okay
    Enemas: like
    Erotic dance: like
    Examinations: like
    Exhibitionism (private):love
    Exhibitionism (public): love
    Eye contact restriction: like
    Face farting: hard limit
    Face fucking (forced blow job): love !!!
    Face slapping: love
    Fantasy abandonment: hard limit
    Fantasy rape: like
    Fear (being scared): love
    Figging: like
    Fingering: love
    Fire play: love
    Fisting (anal): hard limit
    Fisting (vaginal): hard limit
    Flogging: like
    Food control: love
    Food play: okay
    Foot worship: hmm
    Forced bedwetting:hmm
    Forced exercise: love
    Forced homosexuality: love
    Forced masturbation: love
    Forced nudity (private): love
    Forced nudity (around others): love
    Forced orgasms: love
    Forced smoking: soft limit
    Forced weight gain: hard limit
    Forced weight loss: love
    Gags (ball): like
    Gags (cloth): love
    Gags (inflatable):okay
    Gags (panties): like
    Gags (phallic): like
    Gags (ring): like
    Gags (tape): like
    Gang bang (fantasy):okay
    Gang bang (real): like
    Gas masks: hard limit
    Genital bondage: like
    Genital sex: love
    Given away to another Dom (temporary):okay
    Given away to another Dom (permanent): hard limit
    Gun play: hardlimit

    Hair bondage: okay
    Hairbrush spanking: love
    Hair pulling: love
    Handcuffs (leather):love
    Handcuffs (metal): like
    Handcuffs (rope): love
    Hand job (giving): love
    Hand job (receiving): love
    Harems (serving with other subs):love
    Harnessing (leather): like
    Harnessing (rope): like
    Having clothes chosen for: love
    Head harness: okay
    High heels (wearing):love
    Homework Assignments: love
    Hoods: okay
    Hot oils (on genitals): like
    Hot wax: love
    Humiliation (private): love !!!
    Humiliation (public): like
    Hypnotism : curious
    Ice cubes : okay
    Impregnation (fantasy) :hard limit
    Impregnation (real) : hard limit
    Interrogation : like
    Japanese rope bondage :curious
    Kidnapping fantasy : okay
    Kissing: love
    Kneeling : love
    Knife play: like
    Lactation: like
    Latex clothing: okay
    Leashes: love
    Leather clothing: like
    Lectures for misbehavior: like
    Lingerie (wearing): love
    Manicure (giving): hmm
    Massage (giving): like
    Massage (receiving): love
    Medical play: like
    Menstruation sex: okay
    Mental bondage: LOVE
    Mind control: curious
    Mind fucks: like
    Modeling for erotic photos:okay
    Mouth bits: soft limit
    Mouth soaping: hmm
    Multiple orgasms: love
    Mummification: soft limit
    Mutual masturbation: love
    Name change (fantasy): love
    Name change (legal): love
    Needles: hmm
    Nipple play/torture:love
    Nipple weights: love
    Nylon clothing: love
    Orgasm control: love
    Orgasm denial: okay
    OTK spanking: love !!!
    Outdoor scenes: love !!!
    Outdoor sex: love !!!
    Paddles (leather):love !!!
    Paddles (wood): love !!!
    Pantyhose/stockings ():love !!!
    Pet play: love
    Phone sex (serving Dom): okay
    Phone sex (serving other Doms):okay
    Phone sex (professionally): okay
    Piercings: like
    Pinching: love
    Plastic surgery:okay
    Police/prisoner roleplay: like
    Posture training: okay
    Priest/nun roleplay: okay
    Prostitution (fantasy): curious
    Prostitution (real): soft limit
    Punishment (play a.k.a. “funishment”): love
    Punishment (real): love
    Pussy spanking: love
    Pussy/crotch torture: love
    Remote control devices: curious
    Restraints (ankles): love
    Restraints (knees): love
    Restraints combinations (wrists to waist, etc.):love
    Restrictive rules on behavior: love
    Riding crops: LOVE
    Rimming (giving): love
    Rimming (receiving): love
    Rituals: love
    Rough sex: love
    Saran wrapping: Hard limit
    Scarification: Hard limit
    Scat: Hard limit
    Scent play (aromas):love
    Scratching: soft limit
    Serving as furniture: curious
    Serving as toilet (urine): soft limit
    Serving as toilet (feces): Hard limit
    Serving as waitress: love
    Serving other Doms (supervised):okay
    Serving other Doms (unsupervised): limit
    Sexual deprivation (short term): okay
    Sexual deprivation (long term): Hard limit
    Shaving (body hair): love
    Shaving (genitals): love
    Shaving (head): Hard limit
    Skinny-dipping: love
    Skirts (wearing): love
    Sleep assault: love
    Sleep deprivation: limit
    Sleepsacks/body bags: hmm
    Slutty clothing (private): love
    Slutty clothing (public): love
    Spandex clothing: like
    Speculums (anal): okay
    Speculums (vaginal): okay
    Speech restrictions: love !!!
    Spitting: okay
    Spreader bars: love
    Staples: okay
    Straight jackets: okay
    Suction cups: okay
    Suspension (vertical):love
    Suspension (inverted): like
    Suspension (horizontal): like
    Swallowing (semen): love
    Swallowing (urine): okay
    Swallowing (feces): Hard limit
    Swapping (with another couple):love
    Swinging (multiple couples): love
    Switching: limit
    Tampon training (in ass): limit
    Tasting own cum: love
    Tattoos: love
    Teacher/student roleplay: love
    Tears (crying): love !!! !!!
    Teasing: love
    TENS unit: like
    Threesomes (FFM): love
    Threesomes (FMM): love
    Thumbcuffs: okay
    Tickling: like
    Triple penetration: like
    Urethral fucking: Hard limit
    Urethral sounds: Hard limit
    Verbal humiliation: love !!! !!!
    Vibrators (on genitals): love
    Vibrators (penetration): love
    Videos (being recorded): love
    Violet Wand: Like
    Vomitting: soft limit
    Voyeurism: love
    Waterbondage: okay
    Watersports: love
    Water torture: curious
    Waxing (hair removal):curious
    Wearing body fluids: love
    Wearing symbolic jewelry: love
    Whipping: love !!!
    Wrestling: okay
    Zapping (electric fly swatters): curious

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