A Second Sub?

Her Dom wants a second sub? 

What do you think of when you read that? I imagine that there are a million different responses, depending, actually, on that person’s own experiences, whether they are experiences that they have experienced themselves or experiences that they have read about. 

I think the first time that I heard about it, I was actually intrigued, but also thought, “how could this work? How can they stand it?”.

Another time I might have thought. “Ugh! He doesn’t really love his subs, they are only property”

Now, however, instead of thinking those things, I now have questions instead:

  • Why?
  • Will sex be secretive or shared?
  • Will time be separate, shared, or both?
  • Are the subs bi?
  • Is their a hierarchy? And what does that mean?
  • Is the second sub live in? Is the first?
  • Is it because of wanting a poly household? How will that work?
  • Does the first sub want this also, or is this purely a want of the Dom?
  • Will the sub have input into choosing the second sub? How so?
  • If the goal is live-in, will dating come first? Amongst who?
  • Ultimately, is the sub for the Dom’s pleasure or for the sub’s, too? In what ways?
  • If the sub is live in, will she have her own room or will they all share?
  • What is the plan if resentment or jealousy start forming? What is the plan to try and prevent this?
  • How is a sub sister different or the same as a sister wife in the realm of BDSM?
  • Has the subject been a long term one or is the subject new?
  • Is the Dom missing something that he current sub cannot or does not provide or is the second sub an addition for enhancement?

Any other thoughts or questions to ponder?


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